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Rats on stormy seas!

Princess Esra, Mukarram Jah's Turkish-born first wife, dressed in a saree! What a comedown! To dress like a plebian Indian!

Princess Esra, Mukarram Jah's Turkish-born first wife, dressed in a saree! What a comedown! To dress like a plebian Indian!

What is curious in all (this) seen over the last decade, is the fact that it is a woman who is now at the helm of affairs managing the Nizam’s properties. Women had no public presence up to the time of the seventh Nizam. Until, of course, Durru Shehvar and Niloufer, the last Ottoman Caliph’s daughter and niece respectively, married Osman Ali Khan’s two sons and moved to Hyderabad. “They were in public, participating in polo matches, playing tennis. The two girls had European lifestyles while the Nizam’s sons had Mughlai lifestyles’’ It was for this reason the marriages did not last with Princess Niloufer getting a divorce and Durru Shehvar living separately in England.
The history of the Nizam’s family is as intriguing as its present. Esra may have found Hyderabad stifling, but now, it is said, the name plate outside her house in London carries her past in bold letters: Princess Esra of Hyderabad. (read more via THE RISE OF A PRINCESS.).

Why stay with these dirty, poor Indians

Fleeing from a starving, hungry, poor 1947-India, straight to London and other better climes. Now, that UK and Europe are in trouble …

The earlier Hyderabad was not acceptable to the Princess Esra – but she now sports her identity on her proverbial sleeve – dressed in a saree. What a comedown, milady! After all, the Nizam’s sons had

married the daughter and the niece of the last Caliph of Turkey, Abdul Majid II. As part of the marriage arrangements, the Caliph had nominated the Nizam’s son as heir to the Caliphate, so uniting the supreme spiritual authority of the Muslim world with its greatest concentration of riches. The dynasty seemed unassailable. (read more via www.outlookindia.com | Princess To The Rescue).

I wonder why images of rats seeking safety on a floating ship in stormy seas cross my mind!

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