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Lethargy As Opinion

Examining governance records of selected ten premiere post-WWII governments across the world could throw up some surprises.

Colonial motivations

The British Raj needed to mock and diminish the Indian politician. The Indian political leader was trying to dislodge the colonial Government from their position of power. Churchill’s famous descriptions of Gandhiji as ‘that naked fakir’ and Indian politicians as ‘men of straw’ was a sentiment shared across ruling elites in Britain.

Seems like in India, too

Post-independence, this mockery of the Indian politician has only grown. This criticism, carping and mockery has no basis in fact – statistics, measurements, performance metrics. Anything at all.

The drag government’s been on the Indian story is astonishing. No government in the world’s been such a burden to a country. It’s done none of the things it’s meant to while it seems to eye private success with greed. There’s only so long this frame can hold…

One of the things making me happiest in America was the man coming up was celebrated. In India, I sense disgust, revulsion for that person, that he should suddenly have aspirations, riches, ambitions. In Noon, I’ve tried to get at this. (via ‘I think of myself as Indian in a sense that includes Pakistan’ – Page 2 – Times Of India).

Aatish Taseer, whose books and writings have been met with much fanfare, publicity and soundbites, is another one who bites into the dust of empty criticism.

If we are to examine governance records of selected ten premiere post-WWII governments across the world, Taseer’s emptiness (he is not alone) will stand exposed.

These 10 governments four from Europe (France, Germany, Italy and UK), two from South America (Argentina and Brazil) Japan and USA, China and India. Looking back at the 65 years after WWII (1945-2010), the context and strategies of these ten countries throws up some surprises. India would definitely be a part of the Top-3 anyway that such a performance can be rated.

Image source and courtesy - economist.com.

Image source and courtesy - economist.com.

Just on what basis have other governments have done better? All that bedevils Indian governance are present in all other countries. And the answer to all that ails ‘modern’ governance, can only come from India.

You can do a 10 country evaluation here and vote. And maybe, Taseer-miya …

You should read about भारत-तंत्र Bharat-tantra, .

  1. manu
    August 17, 2011 at 12:20 am

    Headings of Germany,China and India do not align with their descriptions.

  2. August 17, 2011 at 6:49 am

    Manu – You are right …

    These HTML Tables can be a mess. I tried fixing this fr the last 2 days. WordPress does not have a native table-creation editor. Other editors like Google Docs or Live Writer have some bugs. Will try and fix this in the next few days.

    In the meantime, try voting on this Rating Engine.

  3. August 17, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    The best part India as a country has accomplished since the late forties, is projecting it’s image. The goodness. Even now, the world does not fear India (except perhaps a western neighbor). So much so, that India’s role in world politics, global economy, diplomacy or military power projection is largely neglected by the rest of the world.

    Indians tend to suffer from ‘anything foreign is good’ mentality. Hence such comparisons or allegations. The phrase “the neighbor’s lawn looks greener” applies. India’s democracy is noisy, vibrant. Public opinion is not muted. The whole culture of India is about spontaneous expression of emotions. Indian festivals, movies, media, politics, cuisine, clothing, villages etc reflect this culture of expression.

    India has done pretty good, after centuries of colonial, exploitative rule that tried hard to fracture the foundation of Dharma. The large number of well qualified and quite patriotic bureaucrats (effect of Dharma?) have shaped and tweaked policies to this day. The trees are bearing fruit now and others are jealous.

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