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Twitter / @dhume01: On Inept Indian Politicians

Policy wonk Sadanand Dhume gives great ideas to Indian Government. Learn from China and Indonesia.

Nothing new

From masters of the world at the end of WWII, the US has recently seen its credit rating drop. UK is bankrupt. If you believe Dhume type commentary, Pakistan is a failed State.

Sure, Indian politicians are inept. After inheriting an India which was a ship-to-mouth economy, flat in its back, to become the fourth largest economy, is ineptitude, according to coconut-shell Dhume.

Indian Government gets a lot a lot of things wrong – like every other over-active State in the world does. But Dhume’s silly criticism shines.

Especially, when he proposes the alternatives. China, Indonesia as nations that India can learn from. China, Indonesia – Semi-dictatorships, where the public-sector-oligarchy is going from strong-to-worse. Hardly, any examples to hold up.

But then can anything get through Dhume’s coconut shell, that he calls brains.

From 25,000 tons of gold at the end of WWII to 8000 tons now. From Masters of The World to most indebted nation on Earth. And you call Indian Govt. inept.

From 25,000 tons of gold at the end of WWII to 8000 tons now. From Masters of The World to most indebted nation on Earth. And you call Indian Govt. inept.

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  2. October 15, 2011 at 8:28 pm

    For starters atleast recognise that there is a battle? Recognise #terror & its source? Su 30MKIs & C-130s arent 4 museum, no?
    But the ‘list of things’ India won’t get done keeps getting longer & longer. Atleast have guts to name the source of terror…

    1. In my opinion, the source of terror is USA. Why is it that every terror hotspot in the world is a current or ex-ally? Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Israel. How come US has this Midas touch?

    2. Coming to Pakistan, we have fought 4 wars with Pakistan. Already, in 60 years. How many more do you think we should wage?

    3. Let us go to Israel to understand war a little better. After the Jewish Genocide in Europe, the Western solution was to take away Palestinian land, and transplant Jews from all over the world to Palestine. Why were European Jews not given some land in Europe for their nation.

    4. Israel has been fighting with the Middle East for 50 years now. Has it helped? Millions have died – but Israel any closer to peace?

    5. Coming to lists … Are you maintaining a list? Maybe Londonistan is little far off to see things from. Living In India, I can tell you my list is getting shorter by the day. Fewer Indians are saying that fewer things need to be done by the State. It is the State which is desperate to expand its footprint.

    I like how Mahabharata suggests wars should be fought. It is also the story of Yudhishthira growing up.

    First time, Yudhishthira Escaped

    1. After Varnavat, when Duryodhana tried to kill Pandavas by burning them iinside the Lac palace, they did not declare war on Duryodhana. They did not also try wage a war of allegations. (Read Yudhishthira’s logic here. Kuni was the steadying hand.)

    2. They stayed in hiding for some time. Bhima married Hidimba. They did their share of asur-vadhs with the killing of Bakasura. Then went to Panchala-desha and won Draupadi. That is also the time that they decided that they needed a kulguru and requested Dhaumya to become their guru.

    3. Dhaumya, the head of Takshshila University in ancient times agreed to become kulguru of the friendless, penniless, homeless refugee-Pandavas. After their alliance with Drupada, did they they announce themselves as alive, well, stronger, connected and allied. Whayt happened? They got Khandavaprastha. They built Indraprastha.

    Next time Yudhishthira played a game of dice

    4. They were challenged to war or a game of dice. They lost it all. And they went into exile. During those years built their skills, grew closer to Krishna, allied themselves with King Virata. Arjuna went to Indra’s court court got weapons, pleased Shiva and got weapons, etc.

    5. Most importantly, Yudhishthira kept playing chess with King Virata. War Games.

    And then the War

    6. After this they asked for five villages. Duryodhana refused. War followed. Yudhisthira appointed Dhrishtadyumna, Draupadi’s brother, as his general. They won – though they has little more than half the Kaurava army. Kauravas had 11 akshauni versus Pandavas 7 akshauni.

    Many years after Mahabharata a famous English dramatist wrote –

    Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread.

    His name was William Shakespeare.

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