Dealing With Pakistan

Is this the best India can do in India-Pakistan diplomacy? Has India got it right in managing Pakistan? Ever.

Why is every trouble spot an ex-US ally - or a current US ally? Something rotten in the State of USA ... (Cartoon by Greenberg; source and courtesy - Click for source image.

Why is every trouble spot an ex-US ally - or a current US ally? Something rotten in the State of USA ... (Cartoon by Greenberg; source and courtesy - Click for source image.

Approaching Pakistan

Hate Pakistan? Silly idea. Fear Pakistan? Not viable. War with Pakistan? Possible – but not a plausible idea. Love Pakistan? At your own risk.

How do we deal with Pakistan?

There is one success that we can look at – and learn from.

Between 1985-2005, the India-Pakistan cricketing bodies worked together to stamp their authority on world cricket. A rare success in Indo-Pak relationship. An important influence in that relationship was Imran Khan.

Imran Khan is making his first serious attempt at winning Pakistan’s next election. On the latest India-Pakistan diplomatic movements, some half-formed thoughts in mainstream media extracted below.

New Delhi and Islamabad made multiple attempts to revive their fraught relationship since 26/11, but each floundered in the face of continued Pakistani military support for anti-India jihadists and unwillingness to act against the perpetrators of the Mumbai carnage, the Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Evidence that any of this has changed is thin — but there is some reason to believe that the Pakistan army, behind its bluster, is weaker than ever and, therefore, desperate to secure its eastern flank at a time it appears besieged from all sides.

For weeks now, Pakistan has been seeking to demonstrate its commitment to peace: the release of an Indian helicopter that strayed across the Line of Control and the tentative movement on opening trade across the border are among the signs of a thaw.

It is also clear, though, that Pakistan’s military isn’t about to turn on its Islamist proxies. (via The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : India, Pakistan, and God’s geostrategic will).

In the meantime a compendium of some 2ndlook posts to a nuanced approach – looking at Pakistan’s history, even before it came into existence.

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