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True & Tantalizing: The Shakeel Afridi Story

Save the Children, a British NGO, a recruiting, fronting and shilling agent for CIA in Pakistan delivered Dr.Shakeel Afridi to the CIA.

Note the deep longing expresssion in both faces  |  Cartoon by - by Zahoor (May 2012); source & courtesy - tribune.com.pk  |  Click for image.

Note the deep longing expression in both faces | Cartoon by – by Zahoor (May 2012); source & courtesy – tribune.com.pk | Click for image.

Dr Shakeel Afridi, the Pakistani physician helped the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to track down and kill al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, (by) carrying out a fake vaccination campaign in Abbottabad to obtain DNA samples of Bin Laden’s family members.

Afridi has reportedly told his Pakistani interrogators that he was introduced to the CIA by the United Kingdom-based humanitarian organization Save the Children, an internationally acclaimed non-governmental organization that promotes children’s rights and helps support children in developing countries.

Save the Children has refuted Afridi’s claim, saying the allegation has had a negative impact on its ability to operate inside Pakistan.

What turned him against the Taliban was his 2007 abduction by the henchmen of Mangal Bagh, who thrashed him for charging huge fees from some of the wounded militants. Afridi was kept by the LeI militants for several weeks and released after his family paid a heavy ransom. Since his wife, Imrana Ghafoor (who was headmistress at a government-run girls’ high school) was an American national, Afridi left for the United States along with his family in 2008.

Afridi returned to Pakistan a few months later, but his family stayed in the US. During 2009-2010, Afridi met with American officials in Islamabad and Peshawar many times and agreed to become a CIA mole. The Americans reportedly asked him to spy for them in the Mansehra, Hassan Abdal and Kamrah areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under cover of an anti-polio campaign.

In the beginning of 2011, Afridi managed to collect blood samples from Bin Laden’s compound. On April 28, these samples were reportedly matched through DNA tests from an American laboratory in Washington. Four days later, on May 2, the special forces conducted their clandestine raid.

Afridi’s continued presence in Pakistani custody has clearly become a thorn in the already tense Pakistan-US relationship. Pakistan has turned down two separate requests made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, seeking freedom for the doctor and his extradition to the US.

While their “requests” were clearly aimed at exerting pressure on Pakistan to release Afridi, well-informed sources in the Pakistani security establishment have ruled out any such possibility

As if seeking American citizenship for the detained physician was not enough to tease Pakistan’s security establishment, Rohrabacher announced on February 14 that he would introduce legislation in congress seeking a Congressional Gold Medal for Afridi. (via Asia Times Online :: Fate of Osama informer hangs in balance).

The Man With No Face

The biggest problem with the Climate Change agenda is the huge amounts of funds that would be handed over to NGOs. Faceless, hidden from public view, answerable to none except who fund them, these NGOs are a new species in the jungle of covert war.

In Egypt, the entire ‘Arab-Spring’ campaign was funded and run by US NGOs – who were later banned – and closed down by Egyptian authorities.

Face behind the mask

Faceless NGOs, without accountability to anyone, were able to bring global political leadership, to the very brink of an agreement. The same 25,000 people (25 countries x 1000 powerful people) who rule over the G8/OECD wanted the poor to invite these 25,000 to have undue and illegitimate oversight over our ‘poor’ lives – in the name of climate change.

The message I got ... loud and clear

The message I got … loud and clear

To deliver more than 700 crore (7 billion) of humanity to the feet of these NGOs (and the likes of the Milliband Brothers) to pry into our lives, our affairs and dictate our very existence – with our own consent.

These NGOs would have control of death over us. NGOs that will work …

Without recourse, with no checks and balances. With large amounts of unaccounted money at their disposal. To decide how we live our lives.

Under a system, that would have re-invented colonialism, in a way wholly unknown to us earlier.

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