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Saving Private Pakistan: Can it be Saved? Why and for Whom should Pakistan be saved?


Pakistan has become the private club of the perverse military, conspiring secret police, battling Taliban warlords, scheming politicians and a regressive mullah community. Each wants Pakistan for their own faction. What of the Common Pakistani?

Back to do what, Parvezbhai? Loot again?  |  Zahoor cartoon of May 4, 2010; source & courtesy - paksir.blogspot.in  |  Click for image.

Back to do what, Parvezbhai? Loot again? | Zahoor cartoon of May 4, 2010; source & courtesy – paksir.blogspot.in | Click for image.

No! Pakistan cannot be saved.

Unless you save Pakistanis first. A Pakistani life is the cheapest in the world today. Every power-centre in Pakistan is waging war against Pakistanis.

To gain control and influence Pakistan for their own benefit.

Why should Pakistan be saved?

  1. So that its sad military can continue with its fun and games?
  2. To let mad mullahs drive Pakistanis into a regressive ditch?
  3. Or, that the Taliban warlords can become modern clones of ancient raiders and looters like Mohammed Ghori or Mahmud of Ghazni?
  4. Maybe for rich oligarchs to stay feudal, own the land, control the labour and economy for their private benefit?
  5. At the mercy of rich politicians and bureaucrats who promise a modern state. A modern State that will be able to do deals with Western Masters. Deals that ‘benefit’ Pakistani – but not Pakistanis?

Pakistan’s intellectuals, of late have become very protective about social media. See the future of Pakistan in social media. Nothing less than the capacity to ‘save’ Pakistan.

Tied to the West, but is that helping the Common Pakistani?  |  October 29, 2009, by ZAHOOR; source & courtesy - paksir.blogspot.in  |  Click for image.

Tied to the West, but is that helping the Common Pakistani? | October 29, 2009, by ZAHOOR; source & courtesy – paksir.blogspot.in | Click for image.

They claim

Social media needs to be protected because it is the only safe space for intellectual discussion in Pakistan.

Imagine that you are a person of independent thought in Pakistan. Now imagine further that you would like to discuss your thoughts with other people. Where can you go?

In the real world, the short answer is ‘nowhere’.

The liberation of the electronic press by General (retd) Pervez Musharraf changed everything. Prior to the advent of cable television, the entire English press in Pakistan probably had a combined readership of less than 100,000. The Urdu press probably accounted for a million people more. Compared with the population of the country, print circulation was nothing. On the other hand, the audience for cable television was in the tens of millions. Suddenly, people were no longer getting their news just from PTV but also from Geo and ARY.

At the same time, the liberation of the electronic press changed very little. The same talking heads that wrote columns in the press started fulminating on talk shows. At the end of the day, the number of people actually involved in public conversation remained very limited. If you weren’t a talk show host or a talk show guest, then your options for expressing or discussing opinions remained nil. It was all extremely parochial and elitist.

The arrival of social media is revolutionary. Back to the example I started with. The young independent thinker out in the virtual world, it’s a different story. As a cartoon in The New Yorker once put it, “On the Internet, no one knows you are a dog”.

Pakistan’s sharpest wit at this time is an anonymous individual who delivers one-liners under the name of “majorlyprofound”. If the good major were to present his one-liners before a physical audience, he would probably require medical attention. But (on) the internet, he is free to deliver his barbs.

More importantly, social media not only provides true freedom of speech but it also allows a public space where people with ideas can not only present their ideas to acclaim but also to criticism. In a country like Pakistan where decision-makers live their lives in cocoons of silence and sycophancy, this is incredibly important.

Obviously, social media is no panacea. Members of the social world are reasonably polite. The result is that people are not just talking to one another in the virtual world, they are getting to know one another as well.

Many people — even people who should know better — think of Facebook and Twitter as time wasting fripperies. That is why periodic efforts to ban either Facebook or Twitter are met normally with a shrug.

Unable to handle either Islam or Westernization, Pakistan's leadership should think of the people more - and less of the State  |  Cartoon on March 7, 2004 by Zahoor; source & courtesy - paksir.blogspot.in  |  Click for image.

Unable to handle either Islam or Westernization, Pakistan’s leadership should think of the people more – and less of the State | Cartoon on March 7, 2004 by Zahoor; source & courtesy – paksir.blogspot.in | Click for image.

We all hear about how Pakistan is sinking into a Talibanised abyss of enforced ignorance. If we are to avoid that awful future, it is vital to preserve intellectual freedom. And at this point, there is nothing more essential to that quest than embracing and protecting social media.(via Saving Pakistan, one tweet at a time – The Express Tribune; original text edited for brevity. Linking text in parenthesis supplied).

Every one is trying to save Pakistan for his own faction.

But where does this leave the Common Pakistani.

As usual Nowhere.

With Nothing!


  1. July 29, 2012 at 9:09 pm

  2. Sheeba
    August 2, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    Most of us have read about the stories of Salaughter of Muslims in Burma- .June 2012 These are the steps which taken by Jew lobby through their agents in various countries for “Reduction Of Mass Population” in the world through terrorism, hunger,religious, lingusticism etc.Their first step is to eliminate Muslims and their economic resources through out the world.For this purpose they started occupying their countries with the consent of UNO, NATO and European union. They made many agents in Muslim countries like Ya sir Arafat,In Palestine, Sad am in Iraq,Ahmed Shah Mashud and Osama Bin Ladin in Afghanistan, Qazafi in Libya, Musharraf in Pakistan Ahmadi Nijad in Iran.The Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran are being handling by their Qadiani agents in the region, where as above mentioned countries were handling by Jews and Qadianis both.In Second Steps they want to disintegrate Pakistan through terrorism and civil war, they are very much interested in Baluchistan due to Oil. gas, minerals and less population with greater area. For this purpose they always ignored social and education reforms of the population since creation of pakistan by virtue of eduction, roads and communication as well as electricity even gas. They financed only on Sardars who were very cruel and never allowed Bloch peoples to be educated or civilized.They always encouraged the Sardars to promote secularism among Baluchs
    and use to divided them in Firqa parasti through out the province.The govt also encouraged young population of baluchistan to go Russia and spreading out comunisim. Thousand of baloch youngsters were sent to Russia by Qadiani agencies at that times. So secularism was spreaded in Bloch students through their Russian returned peoples.In 1948 Mirza Bashir uddin Mahmood Ahmed, the than 2nd Khaifa of Ahmadiyya religon visited Balochistan Provence where he showed his interest on Baluchistan as an Ahmadiyya Head Quarter due to the reasons mentioned above. Qadianis also encouraged Baluch student leaders to go to Mekran coast including Turbat Pasni, Gwadar, Panjgur and Ormara to spread out secularism in these area, So by the financial and moral supports of Jamat e Ahmadiyya agents and Khuffia agencies they work a lot on Baluch students of Mekran including school children and general public. Also khufia agencies allowed their their parents for smuggling from Iran via Mand and other border areas. On this way the Makrani who has a separate identity they became BALUCHI.They were sent to Layyari Karachi to to motivate Makranis to be baluchi for this purpose they used Zafar Jan Baluch and Uzair Baluch who are Qadianis and have full supports of khuffia agences and working as non state actors and members of Baluchistan Liberation Front.
    On the other side Qadianis used innocent Pushtoons in Wazeeristan to become a Taliban due to their islamic aptitude. So dozens of Qadianis Marabis (Qadiani molvis) from punjab were brought in KPK and Wazerristan area who decleared them selves Devbandi Muslims and through conspiracy they occupied on Devbandi mosques. They brain washed the peoples of the regions as Pustoons were use to obey the orders of ulamas. Thousands of Devbandi madarsa, headed by the Qadianis were established and young generation were brain washed, traind for blasts or suicide attacks They also established terror organizations in south .Punjab and various parts of the country.
    The Qallat is Qadiani’s own area due to Khan of Qallat who’s father had accepted Qadianiat before particians.like Zafarullah Jamali of baluchistan, Nawab of Makran, Nawab of Kala Bagh, Bilours faimily of Noshersa, SherPow faimily of Peshawar, Khattak faimily of peshawer,Gilani and Qureshi faimily of multan Makhdoom faimily of Rahim yar khan and Bahawalpur as well as Makhdoom, Talpur,(Tailbul mola, Amin Fahim,Mir Rasool buksh Talpur, Mir Ali Ahmed Talpur etc) Sardar of ,Gabols of Malir ( Khan Badur Abdulla Gabol) Qazi,(Qazi Abid etc), Mirani (Aftab Shaban Mirani) Shah ( G M Syed, Ghaus Ali Shah,and Qamar uz zaman shah etc and Mirza ( Zulfiqar Mirza etc) Sheikhs of Shikarpur and Sukkur (as beore partition they were Hindus and converted by Qadianis to Ahmadiyya Islam,( Abdul Hafeez sheik federal finance misister”s faimily, who’s wife is sister in law of Anjahani Qadiani governor of punjab too.However next Qadiani Mr Khoso had taken over the charge after Anjehani’s murder.
    In Lahore a famous singer and Qadiani Malika Pukhraj’s daughter Thira Syed who was also a Singer was conspied to marry with Nawaz Sharif, a Deovbandi business man and the than Ceif ministr of punjab of Ziaul Haq Qadiani..regime but Nawaz sharif was found so lucky. .However Shahbaz Shareef did the second marriage with a Qadiani woman named Tehmina, the daughter of S U Durrani, ex Governor state bank and Chairman PIA , she was also the ex-wife of Mustufa Khar, the ex-Governor of Punjab.
    The Ali Mardan Shah ( Pir Pagharho)) was also belongs to Qadiani faith whose braughtup since his childhood was in england and just after death sentence of his father ordered by British government conspired by Jamat e Ahmadiyya both the son of of deceased faimily were brought to england by the Jamat Ahmadiyya and converted them to Qadiani. After back to pakistan He get married with the sister of a prominent politial leadr Makhdoomzada Hassam Mehmood of Rahim Yar Khan. The Pir Pagaro was deputed by Qadiani agencies and Jamat e Ahmadiyya London to savegaurd of Qadianis and agencies intersets in Sindh. For these services he was use to pay billions of rupees every month in shape of salaries of so=called Hur Mujahid force in indian border at Sindh.He had settled thousands of Qadianis in Sanghar and other parts of interior Sind, brought from various parts of Punjab as ” Aabadkar “and had given full support to these Aabadkars.The present priminister Raja Pervez Ashraf’s faimily is also one of those :Aabadkar” families of Sanghar,sidh.
    Qadiani has done lot in remote area of sindh Baluchistan south Punjab and KPK. They have never worked for general public but they use to invest on Sardars, Chaudhries,Khawaneen, and Waderas. So we can say that the Qadianis population in public is around 2% but an astonished majority is found in Establishment 75% Politicians 65% prominent muslim ulimas, Peers, Sajjada nasheens and Muftis ( with un-disclosed identity) 75% Journalists and Media 85% Top Business Communities 80% and NGOs 95
    The Jamat e Ahmadiyya has taken its full control upon all forces of pakistan since its creation and still have in militry power not only in Army, Air force and navy but they have control in pakistan’s agencies incuding ISI and IB too. The Ahmadiyya Jamat have several militant groups like Lashkar e jhangvi, Anjuman e Taliban e pakistan,Jamat ud Dawa,Gea Sindh, Baluch libration Army, They never preech in geberal public but they always tried to get powers either by infulance or implantation of their own sect peoples without disclosing their identities.

  3. Roni
    August 3, 2012 at 12:01 am

    What is your view on Modi?

    I believe HE is the only one that sort of India. Anna is a ghandi that in 20years time people will look back and think, WHY did we ever have him. In times of trouble you need STRONG leaders, i dont think ANNA has a long term ahead, also i dont think he fully understands world politics. Anna will be just another man, who will end up doing nothing, even if in government. MODI in government will make change, for the better.

  4. August 4, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    Since very few people know the meaning of derogatory sense of Qadiani, I will let this pass – more as a demo of the kind of thinking that passes off for thinking.

    I mean, such vitriol and hate?

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