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Why Do Indians Love Stone-Pelters So Much?

Why do Indians ignore, even accept abuse and contempt from Brown Americans.

Do Brown immi-grunts to Yummrika 'compensate' for years of 'brutalization', as victims of racism and discrimination by being negative about India?  |  January 2010 cartoon by Ajit Ninan

Do Brown immi-grunts to Yummrika ‘compensate’ for years of ‘brutalization’, as victims of racism and discrimination by being negative about India? | January 2010 cartoon by Ajit Ninan

God! Save us from saviours!

There is a new breed of saviours who wish to save India – and Indians. These are the have-been immi-grunt NRIs. Mostly from Yummrika. Vastly different from the expat-NRI.

Reduced in status with the rise of India, these immi-grunt NRIs have become more shrill – and less than civilized. No longer in demand by Indians and irrelevant in US, these immi-grunt NRIs are scrapping for pieces in India and the USA.

Back Then

India has, by now, a 100-year tradition of giving consideration and respect to Indians who have studied, lived and travelled to the West.

In the past, these Indians, after their stint in the West, came back to India, to help India confront a rampaging West.

People like Gandhiji, Nehru, Jinnah.

Here and Now

What we have these days, are a different breed of Indians. These days they usually come to India for helping the West, to undermine India.

After years of discrimination and racism, they come back with a severe inferiority complex vis-à-vis the West (did someone say Jacintha Saldhana?). After such ‘warm’ treatment in the West, they compulsively feel superior to desi Indians. This contempt for desi Indians is not rooted in reality, neither sustainable nor valid.

Can I make it easier with an illustration?

See …

Let us see the case of Venkatraman Ramakrishnan – the Nobel prize winner in 2009 for chemistry. A churlish Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, complained volubly  about the number of congratulatory emails that desi Indians sent him, after he won the Nobel prize. Fortunately, some Indians did see this behaviour for what it is – a boor who has no character.

Poor Indians!! Trying to be proud of a person who is so ungracious! Wonder whether he would react the same way if his Non Indian Colleagues sent him congratulatory mails.Serves us right.This man does not want to be identified as a person of Indian Origin and we are trying to be part of the celebration. (Comment titled ungracious man by ZAFAR DAUD | 15-Oct-2009 in Indian Express.).

Soon after, this great scientist found himself facing discriminatory commercial behaviour in the UK. Having to enhance his credit standing, for an iPhone by making a deposit, ‘Venki’ Ramakrishnan came crying – to Indian media.

Drawing sustenance from the intellectual attitude by the likes of Amartya Sen, Jagdish Bhagwati, Meghnad Desai, journalists like Sadanand Dhume, these Brown Westerners are like the stone-pelters of Srinagar.

Caught many times for trying to keep their Indian passports, is it time that India de-recognizes all such Indian immi-grunts to the West?

Why not treat them just like any other citizen of any other country?

This probably is the start of complete loss of respect for immi-grunts.  |  Cartoon by Subhani on Monday, December 7, 2009; source & courtesy - subhanistrokes.blogspot.in

This probably is the start of complete loss of respect for immi-grunts. | Cartoon by Subhani on Monday, December 7, 2009; source & courtesy – subhanistrokes.blogspot.in

Making The Rules

For Indians of the Y2K generation, India does not always need to play by the rules.

Many times now, India makes the rules. Whether it is BCCI in cricket, or the India’s Nuclear Deal with the US, in many cases India negotiates from a position of parity.

In such a position, India accepts this stone-pelting – disguised as criticism, only by sufferance.

Mostly, Indians ignore this stone-pelting.

Which of course further infuriates these stone-pelters.

Heart of the Cesspool

A prime example of this newly emerging breed is a faculty at an American university – the University of California, Berkeley. Disappointed with India, immi-grunt to the US, it is more than surprising that his tweets and blogs are focussed on running down India – usually without quantitative data or facts.

Liberally using invective – like retard, idiot, dog, donkey, pig to browbeat disagreement or dissent.

Peee-pul, meet Atanu Dey, Champion Stone-Pelter.

Brown Yummrikans want desi Indians to also camuflage themselves as 'progressive' and 'modern'.  |  Cartoon by Subhani on Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brown Yummrikans want desi Indians to also camuflage themselves as ‘progressive’ and ‘modern’. | Cartoon by Subhani on Thursday, January 7, 2010

It is popularly believed that Indians have freedom of expression, and to some extent they do. But slowly and surely, the government is tightening the screws. The Congress party is a past master of the game, having taken over the mantle from the British. The British had a good reason to do it: to keep the Indians under control. The Congress/UPA government also has the same reason to suppress expression that it finds unpalatable.

Will Indians wake up and smell the stench of government repression and censorship? I would not hold my breath. Indians don’t have the stomach for freedom of expression. As the saying goes in Hindi, कुत्ते को घी नहीं पचता है |

via Atanu Dey on India’s Development » Blog Archive » Government Censorship.

What more, as a 2ndlook reader discovered, such stone-pelters will brook no dissent. When a 2ndlook reader gave facts to the contrary, Stone-Pelter Atanu Dey did not publish the dissenting view or facts for the benefit of his readers.

We have seen earlier how shallow Stone-Pelter Atanu Dey can be – on the subject of education.

In response to Atanu Dey’s stone pelting, Tim Put, the 2ndlook reader wrote: –

USA the Citadel of Freedom has: –

1. The highest number of prisoners in the world. More than 2 million of them. No country in the world has as many prisoners. Another 5 million are under some correctional restrictions – parole or probation. Total correctional population in US is 7 million.


2. Nationmaster giving details of how many people are prosecuted in the USA gives some useful STATS.


More than 2 million prosecutions each year to keep the prison pipeline fully utilized.

3. Atanu Dey with his full-time nit-picking of India (Doctor, Doctor, you think this is a case of compulsive-obsessive disorder), reveals a Freddie Mercury Syndrome. A man who hated himself so much that he hid everything about himself – and made up some story.

4. I wonder what is wrong with these Indians?

Can’t they see through this psood. Atanu. Are Indians such masochists, that they enjoy being flagellated by a charlatan like Atanu.

via Rajesh Akkineni’s blog » India vs Freedom.

How soon will we see Yumm-Rika target Brown Americans| Cartoon by Subhani on Friday, January 22, 2010; source & courtesy - subhanistrokes.blogspot.in

How soon will we see Yumm-Rika target Brown Americans| Cartoon by Subhani on Friday, January 22, 2010; source & courtesy – subhanistrokes.blogspot.in

After his comments were not published, this 2ndlook reader brought it to my notice – in July 2012. I have not had the time to put this post up. Apologies to Tim Put for the delay.

Stone-Pelter Atanu Dey justified not putting up dissenting data as follows.

The post in question was about government censorship, and one person posted a comment that was abusive to me and far off the mark. It did not advance the discussion and I justifiably decided to ignore it. It began with an idiotic objection (that I had misspelled the URL of my blog — and therefore I did not know Hindi.[1]) Then it went off on a tangent. The writer later posted his comment to Rajesh Akkineni’s blog where it was published.

The guy posted a few more comments (not approved) to my blog claiming that I was censoring him. I absolutely did that. He feels that I have somehow violated his right to say whatever he wants to say on my blog. That is not so. I believe the freedom of expression is absolute[2] but that does not automatically confer any rights to anyone to say what they want on my blog.

Your freedom of expression does not confer a right on you to come into my living room and abuse me, nor does it impose a corresponding obligation on me to allow you to disturb the peace in my home with your rants. I will defend your freedom of speech but I will be damned if I let you violate my property rights. I will politely tell you to get the foxtrot off my property. Which is what I did by not approving that idiot’s (yes, he has to be an idiot if he has not figured out this simple truth) comment.

Stone-Pelter Dey claimed that Tim Put’s ‘comment that was abusive and far off the mark.’

Schiziod Browns

Unlike Stone-Pelter Atanu Dey, in all the commentary Tim did not call anyone a dog, pig, idiot, or use the ‘f’ word or the ‘b’ word. I could not isolate one instance of abuse by Tim – but Tim was plenty contemptuous of Pelter-Dey.

While Pelter-Dey seems to have reservations about readers challenging his silly commentary on India, Pelter-Dey thinks it is OK for an American (like himself) to walk into Indian drawing rooms and call them dogs.

Atanu seems to be not just ignorant – but also mixed up. In this case, New York Times (and most publications) allow dissenting opinions because of two reasons.

One – A many-sided debate is what is important. As a blogger, it is the simple logic that should have been apparent to this Stone-Pelter. But logic rarely cuts ice with Stone-Pelter Atanu Dey.

The Second – Reason why dissenting comments are usually published is etiquette. If everyone shut their ears, ears and lives to dissent, societies and nations would be reduced to rubble in no time.

Fact is bad ideas don’t live long – and good ideas don’t die easily. The British Raj died a quick death. India’s comeback is no less than stunning.

Stone-Pelters like Atanu Dey probably cannot digest that. Much like his White masters.

  1. December 12, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    As a “immi-grunt” myself, i see gross exaggeration here 😉 You blog is more about “secular” immigrants than normal folks.

  2. December 12, 2012 at 6:21 pm
    What part of the post do you see as exaggerated?

    People like (Atanu) Stone-Pelter-Dey or (Sadanand) Dhume-Baba are hardly what you would normally call ‘secular’.

    The difference between Left-Wing Immi-Grunts, Right-Wingers or the Centrists is what stones they use to pelt India with. Individuals and exceptions will, of course, break the mould.

    But anyway, there is very little quantitative data – but there is a rich anecdotal evidence.

  3. December 29, 2012 at 8:38 am

  4. vanameena
    December 30, 2012 at 12:50 am

    Maybe Indians wherever they are are just a bunch of self-serving hypocrites. Take Ramachandra Guha’s writings on Indian academics abroad. Guess what, when he finally could get a post at LSE he leapt at it proving his shrill screed was just a case of sour grapes. I do not understand this inferiority complex Indians (the ones in the motherland have). But it is definitely there and a source of great amusement/bemusement to me. Ok, I better get back to replying to all the Merry Christmas greetings I got from Hindu Indian friends and relatives (who have never wished me for Diwali!)

  5. March 25, 2013 at 10:02 pm

  6. Vyasa
    July 7, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    Who pays who to pelt stones and the quality of the stones pelted makes huge difference. Some of the global Hindu stone pelters are pelting stones not just at India but at non Hindu stone pelters too.
    There are many ,NOT ALL ,NRIS who have an attitude about their westernized lifestyle agreed. But this generalization morons miss so many subtleties,nuances.
    There are valid points that some global Hindus make through their scholarly volumes but they also try to sell their hybrid ideologies either because they are paid to do so or because it is how they see future. Critique,debate those wily hybrid ideologies.But painting them all alike is reflection of ones’ intellectual fatigue.

  7. seadog4227
    February 21, 2014 at 2:04 am

    Excellent as usual.Very noticeable traits.Wud like to rpt one more thing : iitians etc whom i met in the usa told me in one breath ” Americans r far more intelligent than us ” I cud not get them to change this idea.

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