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Australia Plans to Kill Thirsty Camels – CBS News

December 10, 2009 3 comments

The ritual of regret and apology

Australian authorities plan to corral about 6,000 wild camels with helicopters and gun them down after they overran a small Outback town in search of water, trampling fences, smashing tanks and contaminating supplies.

In August, the federal government set aside 19 million Australian dollars for a program to slash the wild camel population, including a possible mass slaughter. (via Australia Plans to Kill Thirsty Camels – CBS News).

For Australians this has become a habit. Some time back it was cane toads. Before that it was kangaroos. Before that it was dingos. And before that were humans.

Their justification – camels “are not native to Australia but were introduced in the 1840s, have smashed water tanks, approached houses to try to take water from air conditioning units, and knocked down fencing at the small airport runway …”.

The last time I heard, the current human population of Australia was also not native to Australia – and the the native population of Australia has itself been annihilated. The obvious Desert Bloc answer to any problem is genocide, slaughter and killing.

And after that is an apology.

Emulate Gujarat’s agricultural success – The Economic Times

Talk is cheap ... data talks

Talk is cheap ... data talks

Gujarat is a drought-prone state, with an irrigation cover of just 36% of gross cropped area. Increased water supply from Sardar Sarovar project, higher investments in check-dams and watersheds (as of June 2007, a total of 2, 97,527 check dams, boribunds and Khet Talavadi (farm ponds) had been constructed by the state in cooperation with NGOs and the private sector), and of course, good rainfall for the past few years has helped propel growth. (via Emulate Gujarat’s agricultural success- Policy-Opinion-The Economic Times).

Indian economic model

There is something interesting in the state of Gujarat. Sometime back there was a status report on finances of all state governments in India. The difference between Gujarat and the Rest of India was stark and telling. Very impressive.

While we have Westernized ‘experts’ saying that Indian agriculture is a dead end – and promoting a line of ‘there is no option apart from mega projects’, we have here in Gujarat the real solution to agriculture and water management. The Gujarat solution, which has been India’s way of managing water. Effectively, at a low cost, under the control of the people who use it and need it. Indian agriculture has a bright future – these ‘experts’ notwithstanding.

Which makes me think.

With Chief Minster’s like Yeddyurappa in the South and Narendra Modi fom the West, what BJP needs is two more Chief Ministers. One for the North and one for the East. To break the logjam at the national level. The last two electoral defeats at the national levels has seen BJP in disarray.

But at the state level it is a different story. More power to such Chief Ministers.

Mr.Kaplan wants apologies from Narendra Modi

April 20, 2009 3 comments
Demonize, Genocide - and apologize

Demonize, Genocide - and apologize ...

In a remarkable three terms as chief minister, he (Narendra Modi) has never apologized, has never demonstrated regret of any sort for 2002; He (Narendra Modi) can’t or won’t apologize for 2002. (via India’s New Face – The Atlantic (April 2009italics mine).

What an idea, Sirjee!!

Are you suggesting Kaplanbhai, that Mr.Modi can get away with the Gujarat riots, by making a proforma apology? You mean, Bhai-Kaplan, Narendra Modi should make an apology – like the false apologies, made or not made, after the genocide of Jews, Native Americans, or the Roma Gypsies or the Australian aborigines, and then get on with life.

Of all the arguments that Kaplan makes in this rather poor hatchet job on Narendra Modi (but mostly India), this one is the weakest and the worst. What Robert Kaplan has done is use Narendra Modi as a human shield to attack India – secure in the belief that ‘no one will dare defend Narendra Modi’.

American media affected by recession

You think Indians will accept this from Narendra Modi?

You think Indians will accept this from Narendra Modi?

Mr.Kaplan, you don’t know Indians well enough.

These false apologies will have no effect in India. Indians don’t want empty apologies – and will neither render one. Kaplanjee, a common derisive Indian response to apologies is अँगरेज़ तो चले गए लेकिन, येह सॉरी शब्द यहीं छोड़ गए (the English have left, but they have left behind this word sorry).

What Indians will accept is a change – complete and total change in behaviour! Indians will give a second chance to even criminals and robbers – without an apology!!

It appears that the shrinking ad sales is making a difference at The Atlantic. Why would a magazine like The Atalantic send an overrated hack, like Robert D. Kaplan – unless they had money problems.

It has indeed been a long time that I have seen such bad ideas – so well packaged and written.

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