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Police State Coming to India …?

Big Brother - Coming soon to India!

Big Brother - Coming soon to India!

Sixty years should have been sufficient to get over being a ‘subject’ of the state, and to attain citizenship. The state is sovereign vis-à-vis other states, but within the country it is the people who are sovereign. All this, however, becomes empty talk when the people have to report to the state about who they marry, when they move house and where, what jobs they do, how much they earn, where they travel, what their pattern of expenditure is, and who they live with. And to make tracking easier, there are the fingerprints and the photograph.

The NPR is not an exercise undertaken under the Census Act 1948. It is being carried out under the Citizenship Act of 1955 and the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules 2003. Why should that matter? Because there is an express provision regarding `confidentiality’ in the Census Act, which is not merely missing in the Citizenship Act and Rules but there is an express objective of making the information available to the UID Authority, for instance, which marks an important distinction between the two processes. Section 15 of the Census Act categorically makes the information that we give to the census agency “not open to inspection nor admissible in evidence.” The Census Act enables the collection of information so that the state has a profile of the population; it is expressly not to profile the individual. (via The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Implications of registering, tracking, profiling).

Gurus … and chela

The Cabinet Rank is a dubious distinction, Shri Nilekani!

The Cabinet Rank is a dubious distinction, Shri Nilekani! (Cartoon - Outlook).

The democratic West, citadels of freedom, protectors of individual rights, at the vanguard of modernization and progress have the largest number of prisoners in the world. USA, with a prison population of 2 million, is a world-leader in prison population.

What is the difference between a ‘banana republic’ where people disappear – and in the Anglo-Saxon Bloc which has the world’s largest prison population?

Maybe, my being from a backward country, stops me from understanding this great ‘progress’ that these countries seemed to have made! Large data-banks store massive DNA, finger-print, financial, geographical, employment, litigation records. The world leaders in these practices are UK and the USA.

Can India be far behind.

Asuras and Mayas

The Indian Government has initiated a similar project. The UID project, under a info-tech Czar – Nandan Nilekani. What this project will do is create ‘maya’ – an asuric’ illusion of a ‘caring State’, of an ‘efficient’ government, a ‘vision’ of an ‘effective welfare system’.

Above all it will create a logic and raison d’etre for a bloated and rampant Government. And that will be Nandan Nilekani’s job. So, while Nandan Nilekani for years, has been proposing ‘lesser government’, he will now be in the vanguard of creating a BIGGER Government.

What more! I am sure Nandan can see this. He is smart.

Small police force – Indic instinct or a matter of means

Sorry. We just noticed you've run out of toilet paper…! says Big Brother

Sorry. We just noticed you

Wishing that this will be a benign system or used for benign purposes, may be wishful thinking! India has for long been a unique society with low prison populations, low police-to-population ratios, low-to-average crime rates, high gun ownership, low death penalty rates.

Is this the beginning of the end?

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