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India’s cricket debacle – The real story

January 15, 2012 4 comments

India’s disastrous tours to England and Australia have left fans, players and the administration wondering. What is the real story? 2ndlook to the rescue …

Mahendra Dhoni has lost hair - and greyed in a matter of a few years. The stress has taken its toll. Has he lost the plot?  |  Image courtesy -  |  Click for source image.

Mahendra Dhoni has lost hair - and greyed in a matter of a few years. The stress has taken its toll. Has he lost the plot? | Image courtesy - | Click for source image.

The poor Indian cricket fan

The inexplicable collapse of the India’s cricket team on the English and the Australian tours has evoked usual ‘explanations’ and standard ‘solutions’.

Losing 4 test matches in England and the first 3 test matches in Australia for a world champion team needs more than usual ‘explanations’ and standard ‘solutions’.

The answer is staring in the face – but strangely, no one is talking of that. Before coming to the answer let us look at current debate.

Duncan Fletcher is the problem

Many commentators include Duncan Fletcher in the problem area – and credit Gary Kirsten, the previous coach with all the successes. Logically, if Gary Kirsten was so good, South Africa, his new team would not give the standard performance that they did against Sri Lanka.

In fact, Sri Lanka won their first ever test in South Africa – after Gary Kirsten became the South African coach.

Similarly, there is no evidence that Duncan Fletcher has done anything that can explain this non-performance.

The poor Indian cricket fan is bewildered by this turn in performance. | Cartoon by Ajit Ninan. Source and courtesy - | Click for larger image.

The poor Indian cricket fan is bewildered by this turn in performance. | Cartoon by Ajit Ninan. Source and courtesy - | Click for larger image.

Senior players must be axed

Knives are out for two of the three senior players in the team, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman. Their stupendous performance till the 2011 world cup was the talk of town – and it believed that they would go on for ever.

Critics also forget that the selectors did drop a senior like Harbhajan – who was usually a ‘performer’ against the Australians.

This seniors-must-be-axed theory also does not explain the non-performance by younger players.

Indians hash their trips abroad

Indian cricket team does not have a good record of wins in overseas locations.

This is usually related to the fact that pitches and playing conditions are different – and unless adequate warm-up games are played, players have difficulties in adjusting to the new playing conditions. Weather, food, and social life play are a part in this.

This argument has some merit. Gary Kirsten did take an unusual step of sending Rahul Dravid and (and VVS Laxman), if the I remember correctly, early to South Africa for acclimatization.

Kris Srikanth must work on the principle of two peaks in 18 months  |  Cartoon by Ajit Ninan; source and courtesy -  |  Click for larger source image.

Kris Srikanth must work on the principle of two peaks in 18 months | Cartoon by Ajit Ninan; source and courtesy - | Click for larger source image.

Dhoni is not the captain that he was

There is also a small section of thinking that puts Dhoni in the problem basket.

Apart from nit-picking, there is little evidence that Dhoni has handled the team and resources badly. Putting up more than 350 runs only once in the last 7 overseas tests is evidence of a performance problem.

And not a captaincy problem.

Catch-all theories

There is also the general ‘BCCI is the root of all evil’ theory – which is neither here nor there.

Then there are those who do a mix-and-match of the above three parameters. Plus there are others who think that since cricketers are over-paid glamor boys, having made their money, they finally don’t care.

Solutions for this non-performance also flow from the above definitions. These solutions range from getting younger players, planning for more trips abroad, prepare fast pitches in India, change the captain, et al.

Since non-performance is the issue, performance management is what we will need to look at.

BCCI has not seen two years in the future and accounted for 'peaking' of the cricket team.  |  Cartoon source & courtesy -  |  Click for source image.

BCCI has not seen two years in the future and accounted for 'peaking' of the cricket team. | Cartoon source & courtesy - | Click for source image.

Indian Cricket calendar

The Indian cricket team has played 6 significant tournaments in calendar year 2011 – South Africa, World Cup, IPL, England, West Indies – and now in Australia.

Five of these six tournaments (against South Africa, World Cup, IPL, England and Australia) were with world class teams and players – except against a sapped and depleted West Indies team. In between these tournaments, they have had a break of 1-2 weeks.

A usual factory worker, gets nearly 100 days off in a year in a predictable manner. Compared to that Indian team players have got 60 days of break in a 365 days. Rest of the time, they have been in a multi-week contests.

Achieving peak performance

In tennis, 3 of the four Grand Slam events in tennis are clumped together in 120 days of May-September of each year. As a result,

A number of high-achievement players have failed to achieve the Career Grand Slam. Björn Borg never won the US Open or the Australian Open. John McEnroe never won the Australian Open or the French Open. Ken Rosewall, Guillermo Vilas, Ivan Lendl, Monica Seles, Mats Wilander, and Justine Henin failed to win Wimbledon. Pete Sampras, John Newcombe, Arthur Ashe, Jimmy Connors, Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, Martina Hingis, and Lindsay Davenport failed to win the French Open. Evonne Goolagong Cawley never won the US Open, and Helen Wills Moody and Althea Gibson never won the Australian Open. (via Grand Slam (tennis) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; accessed on 15th January, 2011 @14:30 IST).

After years of lack of Grand Slam winners, in 1982 the International Tennis Federation (ITF) relaxed the definition of Grand Slam winner. From winning all 4 tournaments in a calendar year, to consecutive winner, which may spread over a period of two calendar years.

Even after the easier definition, no male tennis players has made the grade of a grand slam in a non-calendar yea. Rod Laver remains the most recent male grand-slam winner in 1969 – more than 40 years ago.

Looking at this picture of over-played cricketers, Indian fans can take heart … and some hope.

Now let us look at what sports performance management theory says.

Performance management theory

Over the last 50 years, sports has worked on the principle that sportsmen must prepare for a peak in a year.

Keep in mind that you can have many “peaks” during the year and during the season, but most elite athletes aim for one primary event or goal, and plan the rest of the training season around that. Recreational athletes can easily have multiple peaks of a lesser degree. This is common if you race many different “fun runs” during the summer. If you are on a recreational league or team you probably have a built-in season, and your training is planned so you continually improve and peak during play-offs or a final event. (via Race Day Preparation – How to Peak for Races and Events).

Sports trainers refer to this system of training as ‘periodization.’

Periodization is an organized approach to training that involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period.

Training should be organized and planned in advance of a competition or performance. It should consider the athlete’s potential, his/her performance in tests or competition, and calendar of competition.

The annual plan is important in that it directs and guides athletic training over a year. It is based on the concept of periodization and the principles of training.

Preparatory Phase

This phase consists of the general preparation and specific preparation. Usually the general preparation is the longer of the two phases.

Competitive Phase

This phase may contain a few main competitions each containing a pre-competitive and a main competition. Within the main competition, an uploading phase and a special preparatory phase may be included.

Transition Phase

This phase is used to facilitate psychological rest, relaxation and biological regeneration as well as to maintain an acceptable level of general physical preparation. This phase lasts between 3 – 4 weeks (maybe longer) but should not exceed 5 weeks under normal conditions. (via Sports periodization – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.).

Ayodhya verdict treats Muslims like 2nd-class citizens, say some

Instead of vague resentment, Indian Muslims must compare relative positions to get a clearer idea.

Instead of vague resentment, Indian Muslims must compare relative positions to get a clearer idea.

Post-Ayodhya verdict

Two things-after the Ayodhya-Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute.

One – How little I knew about this entire issue in terms of detail. Hence, I never said much about this issue.

Two. The reaction of the non-fundamentalist Muslims is worth noting. This post is about the second point.

In the non-fundamentalist narrative, (like Najib Mubarki) there are no suggestions for Muslims leadership – ever, anywhere. The burden of action, implementation is always others. Muslim leadership is always the innocent bystanders in this narrative. Objective – induce guilt.

Muslims as 2ndclass citizens

For instance take the following new report

But others are a bit more forthcoming. Shabnam Hashmi, well-known social activist who heads Sahmat, says the verdict made her feel like a “second-class citizen”. “We will not stop the struggle against irrationality and hatred but we can no longer promise to hand over a secular, democratic nation to you,” says Hashmi, in her “message to the next generation”. (via ‘Verdict makes me feel like a 2nd-class citizen’ – The Times of India).

Are we making the same mistake again? Jinnah acted pricey with the support of half a per cent (0.5%) of India's Muslim population - and the might of the British Raj behind him! (Cartoon - Artist - Low; David (1891-1963) Published - Evening Standard, 04 Sep 1946). Click for larger image.

Are we making the same mistake again? Jinnah acted pricey with the support of half a per cent (0.5%) of India's Muslim population - and the might of the British Raj behind him! (Cartoon - Artist - Low; David (1891-1963) Published - Evening Standard, 04 Sep 1946). Click for larger image.

To all those who believe that Muslims are (treated as) 2ndclass citizens in India, there are three points which merit attention.

1. Hindus are like that only – This was Jinnah’s point of view. Some of Indian Muslims who agreed with Jinnah went to Pakistan. To whomsoever, the realization came late, can take that option now.

After thousands of years of culture and history, the Hindus are not going to change – quickly and easily. You know that Indian and foreign Islāmic rulers tried to change Hindus for 600 years (1200-1800). British rulers tried for some 150 years (1797-1947). It may be easier and quicker to just go to Pakistan, which was created so that Indian Muslims are NOT treated like 2ndclass citizens.

2. You can compare – Does the Middle East treat Indian Muslims better than India? Are Muslims likely to be treated better in EU – in countries like France (no hijab), UK (with massive imprisonment of Muslims) or Switzerland (no mosques with minarets). Maybe, you can consider USA, where a Muslim surname is enough justification for law-enforcement authorities to treat you ‘differently’. The British have an estimated one of out every 40 adult Muslim male is (who is not old) in their prison. The French feel let down because “immigrants were supposed to blend harmoniously into society and not exist in separate communities” – and the Muslims did not.

Post 9-11, hundreds of Sardarjis of Indian origin were attacked, after being mistaken for Arabs. Or Australia where a computer game was themed as How many Muslims Can You Kill became popular. You could think of Denmark, where the Government rewarded Muslims to move out of Denmark.

The so-called ‘persecuted’ people in India are in a majority (the dalits), or their populations are growing faster than the ‘oppressors’ (dalits and Muslims). So, this bit about suppression, persecution, racism in India, is a red-herring. Complete ignorance – if it is not trickery.

The Indian Muslim must pioneer a broader identity of Muslim+ identity! Click for larger image.

The Indian Muslim must pioneer a broader identity of Muslim+ identity! Click for larger image.

So, stop trying to hold India and Indians to some impossible ideal, which cannot be compared, measured, evaluated or defined.

Instead, do look at data – comparative data and take a call. You have choices of immigration to Pakistan, Middle East, Europe, USA, Australia.

The whole wide world.

3. Make it work – Nation-building is a tough job. It needs everyone to join in. Big, small, powerful, powerless, loud or voiceless. Everyone. You (and hence others, too) can see yourself as 2ndclass, a victim. 2ndclass is as 2ndclass does. No one in India sees APJ Kalam as a 2ndclass citizen. The Deoband Seminary explicit believes that Muslims enjoy the highest degree freedom in India. Bar none.

This post suffers from using easy, prominent examples. Maybe the problem cannot be addressed by these examples. For that Muslim leadership must take charge. Not necessarily political or religious leadership. And that mater has been addressed in other posts.

Indian Muslims must take a global leadership of the Islamic world (Cartoon By Yusuf, courtesy -

Indian Muslims must take a global leadership of the Islamic world (Cartoon By Yusuf, courtesy -

Comparing India

Equating India with the Desert Bloc (believers in monotheism) is without basis in fact, reality or history.

This is one thing, that we in India must understand, discover, find out, investigate – and then, after that, believe, that we are different.

Even Indian Muslims.


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Why is Hillary Clinton talking to India on Blackberry issue

September 3, 2010 8 comments

Canadian trap-doors

This is interesting!

RIM-Blackberry is a Canadian company. Their main business is to provide safe, secure and reliable system for mobile email over mobile phones. Operating in more than a 100 countries having tie ups with most mobile operators in the world.

From computerworld cartoons by John Klossner.

From computerworld cartoons by John Klossner.

India (among other countries) see a security threat with the Blackberry system due to its high encryption rate. The Blackberry system uses a AES-Triple-DES-128 bit encryption system, which cannot be broken in real-time.

Blackberry claims that they do not have any trap-doors or back-doors for access to data – which seems doubtful.

But the absence of trap-doors and back-doors is possible, as Blackberry system has not suffered from too many malware attacks or hacking of its servers.

US back-doors

The use of Blackberry system by terrorists is stoking the fears of Government of India (GOI). To get over this threat, the GOI has asked Blackberry to install Blackberry servers in India. This ensures that access to decrypted data on a real-time basis – as the data on the server resides in a decrypted form. Blackberry is resisting this solution.

From computerworld cartoons by John Klossner

From computerworld cartoons by John Klossner

“We are reaching out to those countries – the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India and others – to understand the security concerns and see if we can work collaboratively to find solutions.

“So that’s a process that is ongoing here at the Department of State. I’ve got no, you know, announcements to make at this point,” State Department spokesman P J Crowley told reporters at his daily news conference.

The United States has also been in touch with RIM, the Canadian company that operates the BlackBerry network worldwide. (via US to hold talks with India on Blackberry issue).

Blackberry is a Canadian company. A purely commercial organisation. Why is the US Government getting involved at all. In fact even the Canadian Government has no role, as far as I can see. GOI is asking Blackberry to follow the law of the land. It is security (for GOI) and a commercial decision (for RIM-Blackberry).

Are you telling me that US does not have alternatives to Blackberry for secure data transmissions!

Are you telling me that US does not have alternatives to Blackberry for secure data transmissions!

One report tries explaining the US interest

The United States has also been in touch with RIM, the Canadian company that operates the BlackBerry network worldwide.

Earlier … Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: “We are taking time to consult and analyse the full range of interests and issues at stake because we know that there is a legitimate security concern, but there’s also a legitimate right of free use and access. So, I think we will be pursuing both technical and expert discussions as we go forward.”

If some of these countries follow through on the BlackBerry ban that they have announced, it would have an impact on the US government and its diplomats operating in different countries.

A case of severe crackberry

Now would the US Secretary of State be involved if Blackberry usage for some 2000 diplomats was affected? Two things.

One – the Indian Government would be able check on all Blackberry emails that US diplomats are sending via Blackberry. That will mean US diplomats will need to send encrypted mails over internet – which is not such a difficulty.

Two – This reminds me of the Australian-PM’s-speech-copied-by-Canadian-PM’s-speechwriter scandal.

Give me a good story otherwise.

Another nail in climate change coffin – Pacific islands growing not shrinking

Better not drink this!

Better not drink this!

Five years ago Pacific islands became a tragic poster children of Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth. The BBC called the Maldives “a paradise faced with extinction”.

But just four of the 27 islands studied by the team – chosen because sea levels had risen in the past sixty years – had diminished in size. The other 23 had expanded, one by as much as 60 per cent.

The islands apparently expand their mass by accumulating sediment, and through natural processes – not surprisingly, since they’re built on live biomatter: coral. (via Pacific islands growing not shrinking, says old study • The Register).

The hoax of this century

2ndlook tracked and collated the entire climate change campaign, where

  1. Multiple PR agencies, NGOs were used and funded by the British, Norwegian and Australian Governments
  2. To mount a global campaign of ‘epic’ proportions
  3. To stampede the world into a regime of faceless and unaccountable bureaucrats –
  4. That would monitor nations, industry and economies of the world.

The campaign possibly even subverted the Maldives election campaign to propel a Trojan horse into the developing world camp. Nobel prizes were dangled in front of the Trinidad’s PM. A group of ‘Vulnerable 14’ was promoted to make proxy noises on behalf of the organizers of his climate change hoax. This latest expose comes as no surprise.

Not to 2ndlook, at least!

2ndlook on climate change

Oz cops under scanner over porn, racist emails – Rest of World – World – The Times of India

Truth hurts, huh? This Indian cartoon got Australian goat!

Truth hurts, huh? This Indian cartoon got Australian goat!

About 100 Australian police are being investigated for circulating racist and pornographic emails via the internal police email system, and one officer involved in the scandal has committed suicide, a top official said on Thursday.

The probe in Victoria state follows an independent citizens group report last week … accusing the department of having a “culture of racism.”

Police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland acknowledged at the time that some officers were racist but said they were a small minority … the material involved a variety of offensive themes, including pornographic and sexist material … none of it was illegal but that all of it was offensive and in breach of department policy.

He would not confirm whether any of the racist material referred to Africans or Indians … the target of violence in Victoria state and have criticized police conduct in recent months. The Age newspaper reported that the investigation centered on a graphic image of a non-Caucasian man being tortured.

Overland confirmed that a police officer who committed suicide earlier this week … Tony Vangorp, 47, tendered his resignation on Friday and returned to the police station Monday night and shot himself. Overland said Vangorp had not been responsible for any racist emails. (via Oz cops under scanner over porn, racist emails – Rest of World – World – The Times of India).

Stand up and take the responsibility

It is a tragic that a low-level police officer, Tony Vangorp paid with his life – for essentially, criminal neglect and attitudes of the authorities. Tony Vangorp is possibly a modern-day version of Breaker Morant.

CNC Machines to Soviet Union

1982, Height of the US-USSR rivalry, under President Ronald Reagan. Japan was predicted to replace USA as the economic power. Toshiba, of Japan and Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk, Norway’s largest defense contractor, sold some multi-axis CNC machines to Russia – banned under COCOM rules, to which Japan was a signatory.

Details of this sale became known in 1987. Toshiba, President Sugiichiro Watari and Toshiba Chairman Shoichi Saba resigned soon after the affair became public. ”We have a big responsibility as the parent company,” the departing chairman said. ”We feel responsible for having troubled society.” reported the New York Times. Saba said, “must take personal responsibility for not creating an atmosphere throughout the Toshiba group that would make such activity unthinkable, even in an independently run subsidiary.”

Not some junior level clerk.

Shastri and Indian Railways

Lal Bahadur Shastri

Lal Bahadur Shastri

Post-colonial Railways system in India was the biggest scrap heap in India. Accidents were a regular feature – but naturally. The colonial practice was to blame the lower most employee, and tar the native workers as being lazy and slip-shod. The Brown Sahibs, continued with this practice, even after the British departed. Till, one day, one man stood up and said I am responsible. That man happened to be Lal Bahadur Shastri. From that day, the Indian Railways started improving – to become a low-cost, high safety transport system in the world.

Australian authorities have been consistently covered up the incidents, fudged and hid data, minimized the problem – and went into ritualistic denial.

To what end?

Indian man arrested and charged over death of toddler –

March 14, 2010 10 comments
Motion sustained! Go on ... just ignore all thse attacks ...!

Motion sustained! Go on ... just ignore all these attacks ...!

A 23-year-old part-time Indian taxi driver, who kept a three-year-old Indian boy unconscious in the boot of his car and drove around for three hours before dumping him in a field, was today arrested and charged over the death of the toddler. (via Indian man arrested and charged over death of toddler –


When it comes to arresting Indians, Australian police can be ‘efficient’. Two years of increasing attacks on Indians, and less than 10 people arrested! With nearly 2000 attacks on Indians. This makes me understand better what African-Americans go through in the USA! The US police is equally efficient when it comes to arresting non-whites!

Makes one wonder!

Indian cartoon raises a storm in the Western world

January 9, 2010 1 comment
Police of Kingdom of 'Dhritarashtra' - When ruled by a Blind King destruction is inevitable
Police from the Kingdom of ‘Dhritarashtra’ – When ruled by a Blind King destruction is inevitable

“Cartoons in Australia are normally done by people who are either clever or witty and this one’s neither,” the secretary of Victoria’s Police Association, Greg Davies, told reporters.

Davies said it was “incredibly offensive and wrong” to suggest police were not investigating the murder and that it was too early to categorise Garg’s death as a race-hate crime.

The Indian cartoonist, R. Prasad, said there was a sense of injustice in India and that the attitude of Australian authorities “amounted to acceptance of racism or authorising similar future crimes as mere opportunistic violence”.

“The cloak of the Ku Klux Klan is a globally known and recognised cultural signifier that represents racism. It also symbolises violence in the name of race or colour,” he added in an emailed statement.

Garg’s killing … threatens to damage diplomatic ties as well as Australia’s 15.4 billion US dollar education export industry.

The Federation of Indian Students in Australia said it was “too early to rule in or rule out any cause for the death of Mr Nitin Garg”.

But spokesman Gautam Gupta urged police to provide statistics on the number of crimes committed by and against Indians and whether criminals have been caught and trialled in previous cases of assaults against Indians.

The editor of the Mail Today claimed that Australian police statistics showed one in 20 attacks in Melbourne was against an Indian student despite them representing just one in every 1,000 people in the city.

“Silence on the facts and figures are not going to help the situation,” Gupta said, adding that there was a rising level of cynicism amongst the Indian diaspora.

In June, police said that 1,447 people of Indian origin were victims of crime against the person — such as robberies and assaults — in Victoria between June 2008 and July 2009, an increase from 1,082 the previous year.

Gupta said the Australian government’s response to the latest murder was seen as “merely diplomatic and an exercise in public relations and image damage control”.

Indian students number 119,000 in Australia … (via Australia slam Indian paper’s Ku Klux Klan cartoon – Yahoo! News).

Such a lovely country – and such lovely people

Just why were Indians raising the issue of crime in Australia? Especially, when crime is so much higher ‘there’ (in India) than ‘here’ (in Australia) was the gist of the long post. Shri Tim Colebatch is rather proud of the low murder rates in Australia. Demmed Indians!

Data spouted by this post ignores some ‘basic’ facts. Murder incidents in Australia are lesser because finding another Australian to kill is so damned hard. In a country of that size, with such a sparse population. And that, my Shri Tim Colebatch, is the reason, why Australian crime rates are lower than in India.

The same post mentions how “India, of course, is a very big country.” But Australia is a much bigger. Three times bigger, in fact. And it has a population of 2.5 crores (25 million) – compared to India’s 110 crores (1.1 billion).

If you compare Indian crime scenario with the Rest of the Western World, you will see a different picture  – completely different. Colebatch does not seem to find it strange when in ‘country of murderers’, “This time last year, I was in India with the family on holiday, and the worst danger we faced was trying to cross the road.”

An Australian paper had telling comment,

According to police statistics for the 2006-07 financial year, the assault rate for Indians in Victoria was about 1700 people in every 100,000. In comparison, the rate of assault of non-Indians in Victoria was about 700 people in every 100,000. (via India paper defends KKK cartoon).

Holy cow … what about racism in India

And maybe this is something that Shri Colebatch, you can share with friend, Rory Medcalf, the Lowy Institute’s program director for international security and a former diplomat in India, who says,

”Part of the problem is that a decision seems to have been taken that there was nothing to be gained with an acknowledgement of racism. That is something the media have fixated on – an attempt to gain an admission on this innocuous point that there is racism in Australia, just as there is in India or any other country.”

After wiping out the entire population of the Australian Aborigines, Mr.Rory Medcalf, thinks that the racism issue is an ‘innocuous point’. The so-called ‘persecuted’ people in India are in a majority, their populations are growing faster than the ‘oppressors’. So, this bit about racism in India, is red herring. Complete ignorance – if it is not trickery.

Whez yo sensa huma

Mr.Greg Davies complains how the cartoonist is neither “clever or witty.” Murder ain’t a fit subject to be humourous about. But the Australian attitude to bury their heads in the sand is. Comes from eating too much of ostrich meat, I presume. And I think this sarcasm is not getting through to Mr. Davis.

Multi-culti balti Australia

Australia, Britain have carefully sold a lemon to their populations about how tolerant they are. Which is bit of a joke. Unlike France, Switzerland which are rabidly xenophobic – and have made a virtue of their hatred for the hijab, burqa, minars and minarets. They don’t do the multi-culti-balti dance. For all its multiculturalism, Australia, how many Africans did Australia admit last year? How many Muslims? What percentage of Australians are Muslims? And to think this is what passes of as multiculturalism in Australia?

Keep on rocking in a Free World

Kippenberger was right after all ...

Kippenberger was right after all ...

Some time back, a German artist, Martin Kippenberger’s creation of the crucified frog was moved to a less visible location, displayed at the Museion, the newborn museum of contemporary art in Bolzano, after His Holiness, The Pope decided to condemn this sculpture.

This sculpture,

“Zuerst die Füße” (first the feet), the sculpture dated from 1990, which measures about a meter and represents a crucified frog holding in its right hand a mug of beer and in its left hand an egg. In this work Kippenberger represents a society that appears perfect but is actually hypocritical.”

When the Islamic world protested about Danish-Mohammed cartoons, there was a huge outcry in Western cities about freedom of speech. When the crucified frog is moved to a ‘less visible location’, there is no protest.

Maybe Kippenberger was right after all.

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