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Saffron Terror – What must Muslim response be!

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment
Many essential issues get sidetracked into the political noise! Cartoon by Shreya Navare.

Many essential issues get sidetracked into the political noise! Cartoon by Shreya Navare.

From various news reports

Home Minister, P.Chidambaram (PC) raked up a ‘storm’ by terming some bomb blasts as ‘saffron terror while addressing a national level conference of conference of DGPs on Wednesday. “There is the recently uncovered phenomenon of saffron terrorism that has been implicated in many bomb blasts” Chidambaram said.

“Terrorism cannot be attached to any religion,” Rudy said, of the BJP. Immediately, the Congress General Secretary and media department chief told reporters and the controversy has erupted because of a word.

“As far as saffron or bhagwa or kesariya (other words for saffron) it was not not an issue then. The issue was terrorism. Terrorism does not not have colour. Terrorism has only one colour and it  is black.

“Whatever colour terrorism may be associated with. whatever you call it saffron, green, white or  red can you associate it with one colour,” he asked. (more news reports linked below).

Caricature of caricatures! (Cartoon by TN Ninan; courtesy -

Caricature of caricatures! (Cartoon by TN Ninan; courtesy -

Equating religions

Why is it that I am surprised by Muslim silence on ‘Hindu’ terror! I expected Muslims to explode in anger! After all, the idea of ‘Hindu’ terror implies that just like ‘Muslim’ terror there is also ‘Hindu’ terror.

Now people are not really quite lining up to believe in Chidambaram’s theory of ‘Hindu’ terror. But, it leaves the lame concept of ‘Muslim’ terror intact and standing.

As this charade of ‘Hindu’ terror winds its way to a stale end-game, the apparent perceptual ‘validity’ of ‘Muslim’ terror will become stronger.

And that is why Muslims particularly should be concerned – and not satisfied with this ‘saffron’ terror game.

How ‘saffron terror’ will be used against the Muslims

The trick of ‘Hindu terror’ is so well-executed, its simplicity breath-taking, that one no longer knows who the villain of the piece is.

The ‘centrist’, secular democratic Kawngress who is persecuting these Hindu terrorists? Instead would you like to paint the desi-version of Christian Democrats of India (Bhajpaa) as the villain of the piece? Or the Leftist-Socialist-Communists (Vaampanthis) who are cheer-leading this ‘game’ in their skimpy ideological bikinis.

Cartoon by Sandeep Adhwaryu; courtesy -;  Jul 24, 2010 15.27 IST)

Cartoon by Sandeep Adhwaryu; courtesy -; Jul 24, 2010 15.27 IST)

It is counter-intuitive but the battle against ‘Hindu’ terror is the one that Muslims   must fight! That may about be the only way to kill this malformed idea of Islamic terror.

At least, in India.

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Shashi Tharoor patterns Indian foreign policy on US-Israel template

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

As President-elect Barack Obama prepares to take office this month, he has avoided the fawning praise of India that has become fashionable in some Washington circles. But experts on the region say that India-US ties now have a momentum of their own. Industries in each country now have a vested interest in deepening ties with their counterparts.

“In 20 years, I expect the Indo-US relationship to resemble the Israel-US relationship, and for many of the same reasons,” said Shashi Tharoor, an Indian writer and former undersecretary general of the United Nations. (via Will the love-fest stoked by Singh, Bush bear fruit? – Economy and Politics –

Am I missing something here?

Am I missing something here? Look at the cartoon date!

Why is the Israeli model a bad idea

The first disqualification against accepting the Israeli State model is the fact it is heavily dependent on America, for fiscal and military aid – which “since 1974 totals roughly $80 billion”.

Do I sense envy when an article from Daily Times Of Pakistan says “The United States has poured $140 billion into Israel since its formation”. That is about a US$56,000 for every Israeli family.

Is this what you learnt at the UN Tharoor Saar

First, did it ever occur to Tharoor Saar to check where is the guarantee that the US will be in a any position to underwrite India’s long term requirements?

After satisfying himself, did Tharoor Saar ever ask, “Why would the US underwrite India?” In case of Israel, the US had good reasons. After all, (as NYT says)

America has vital long-term strategic interests in the Middle East. The gulf has well over 60 percent of the world’s proven conventional oil reserves and nearly 40 percent of its natural gas.

To some it may look like a boon, but is surely the kiss of death.

American policymakers began regarding Israeli strength as an American asset in the Cold War, they supported significant aid as a matter of strategy, not charity. … American aid continues to flow to Israel. … critics on the opposite end of the political spectrum argue that while aid to Israel may be tied to the best of intentions, it does more harm than good to the Jewish State by propping up a big and inefficient government and making Israel dependent upon the U.S.

For how long can any country, society, individual survive on foreign largesse? Note how during the 1973, Arab Israeli War, the tide of battle finally turned when the massive US airlift of weapons, tanks, spares happened! Which itself, is self-serving – American assistance, emerging as a disjointed policy that urges a peaceful resolution to the conflict while boosting military aid to Israel.”

Another client state of US, Pakistan enviously records, that

Israel is the only country that receives all of its U.S. aid in a single package, while others only receive it in quarterly installments.” It continues, “Most recipients of military aid are obliged to spend it in the US but Israel is permitted to spend 25 percent of what it receives to subsidize its own defence industry,”…

Doubtful motives, suspect intentions

Three aspects of the Israeli behaviour makes Israeli intentions doubtful.

One – Israel surely knows that US support cannot continue ad infinitum. What will be the Israeli response after they stop getting US support?

Two – After consistent and constant efforts to make enemies, over the last 50 years, how does Israel plan to continue living in a hostile neighbourhood – without American aid?

Three – With a population of little over 50 lakhs (5 million) in Israel and a world Jewish population of less than 1.3 crores (13 million), how does the Jewish population stop itself from going extinct?

Is there a pattern …

Tharoor Saar’s statement needs to be read in light of two other incidents. For starters, read Manmohan Singh’s speech at Oxford, praising the Raj,  while receiving his honorary doctrate. Continue with Chidambaram’s decision to end “abject poverty” in India that he seems to “have known for 5,000 years.” And now add Tharoor Saar’s stated objective to make India into a US-client state in another 20 years. Are these three incidents stray and unrelated? Do they form a pattern?

Any which, Tharoor Saar’s thinking is a cause for concern.

Toward a robust globalisation

March 11, 2009 3 comments
Manu and Chiddu are wasting time

Manu and Chiddu are wasting time

In a famous speech exactly four years ago, Fed Chairman Bernanke represented the US as responding passively and benignly to the global “savings glut” which had developed following the East Asian crisis of 1997-98.

Even though most closely associated with Chairman Bernanke, this formulation is widely shared by respectable economists and commentators, such as Martin Wolf of the Financial Times, Professor Richard Portes of the London Business School and the Centre for Economic Policy Research, and Professor Max Corden of the University of Melbourne. The task of recycling these imbalances fell on the sophisticated financial systems of the advanced countries. In the event, for a variety of reasons, even they proved unequal to the burden placed upon them.

Not surprisingly, quite a different view is taken by the major current account surplus countries, notably China, but including Germany, Japan and, for a while, the major oil-exporting countries. Here, the finger is pointed squarely at the monetary policies followed by the US Federal Reserve

The G-20 is not the perfect vehicle for India to show leadership, but it is a start. India should grasp the opportunity being given to it and run with it. (via Suman Bery: Toward a robust globalisation).

Dollar prop!

Dollar prop!

Promising start.

The post laid out the position of the world economic structures and developments in the last few years, rather well – and the way Bretton Woods unravelled. And then, in the last paragraph, Suman Bery suddenly, from nowhere comes out that India is being ‘given an opportunity’! And makes out as though India(ns) should be grateful – kow-tow and bless the benefactors. And, before they change their mind.

RUN with the bone that they have thrown at India!

Note the language …

Similar is the story with Manu and Chiddu. They use the language of recipients, of pleading and impotence. Chidambaram says that ‘they’ will now “give greater representation and voice to developing countries” Manmohan Singh mirrors the sentiment when he says,”consultations were merely for the sake of form”.

The Developing World FTA

Instead of breaking heads with the WTO, the Developing World should declare a 100 country FTA. As Rajat Nag, of the ADB points out,

“East Asia already trades 55% of its output within the region. India’s trade with China, Japan and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) is increasing. That is the structural shift which will have to happen. Our forecasts are not based on any dramatic shift”

Put the Doha round in deep freeze, and turbo charge work on a FTA within the developing world. That can add another 2%-4% to economic growth – especially to the poorest countries.

The Third Global Reserve Currency

To this add the Third Global Reserve Currency option – and junk the Dollar and the Euro. With this, the World economy will have two strong drivers for economic growth – without dependence on the West. The world needs to move away from the Dollar-Euro duopoly to tri-polar currency regime.

This calls for leadership – intellectual and political. Does the developing world have it? Can India provide it?

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