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Western right wing ideologues target China

June 9, 2010 6 comments

Anti-China sounds from USA take-on religious overtones. Christian crusades against devil-worshiping pagans of East?

Two party rule - Better than one-party rule? (Cartoon courtesy -

Two party rule – Better than one-party rule? (Cartoon courtesy –

They suggest a new era reminiscent of Protestant Capitalism. They want us to believe the atheist Chinese are prepared to work harder and defer their gratification for longer. (via China: Hugh Hendry warns investors’ infatution (sic) is misguided – Telegraph).

The busting of China

Hugh Hendry is not alone in portraying an economy issue to a theocratic issue.

Jim Chanos, an investment house  head, has been giving stick to China and its economy. He portrayed China as the of ‘Treadmill to Hell’, on the famous US radio show – the Charlie Rose show.

The Charlie Rose show is reputedly a voice of the conservative, Christian, Right-Wing establishment. Charlie Rose is himself supposedly a part of the Council On Foreign Relations, a right-wing, conservative, Christian-Democrat organization.

It was recently reported that the CFR is “expanding its Washington office to a $60 million building on F Street.”

Establishment rules

The importance of this group was well demonstrated when

Mr. Ahmadinejad, the man who has become the defiant face of Iran, squared off with the nation’s (USA) foreign policy establishment, parrying questions for an hour and three-quarters with two dozen members of the Council on Foreign Relations, then ending the evening by asking whether they were simply shills for the Bush administration.

The Right Wing narrative!

The Right Wing narrative!

On China’s media, CFR says,

more than two thousand newspapers, over eight thousand magazines, and some 374 television stations in the country. China also has an estimated 380million Internet users and, despite restrictions governing online content, domestic and international stories that censors would prefer to control continue to slip through government information firewalls (Atlantic). Only state agencies can own media in China, but there is creeping privatization as outlets subcontract administrative operations to the private sector.

But what CFR does not talk about is about how in the US of A,

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting … a private nonprofit agency created and funded by Congress. This year it distributed $387 million in federal dollars to PBS, NPR, hundreds of public radio and TV stations around the nation, and some individual programs.

Right-wing ideologues

For instance, CFR’s (ex-?)President and a top ideologue is one of the

Few Americans (who) know(s) the inner world of American foreign policy — its feuds, follies and fashions — as well as Leslie H. Gelb. He served Lyndon B. Johnson in the Pentagon and Jimmy Carter in the State Department. He was a foreign affairs columnist for The New York Times and president of the Council on Foreign Relations. (text in parenthesis supplied).

The CFR approach suggests that

America should be unafraid to exercise power, but it must be mindful that power’s reach usually exceeds its grasp. According to Mr. Gelb liberal Democrats should stop apologizing when they use American power, and conservative Republicans should stop believing that no problem can resist the application of American force. Both need to understand that power is wasted when it’s used unwisely. The chief missing ingredient in United States foreign policy, he argues, is common sense.

What to do?

Providing inputs to the media, are ‘specialists’ like Adam Segal, a senior fellow in China studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, who some time back opined that

the vast majority of Chinese have been made better off by economic development, it provides a credible argument for why, even with fairly widespread social unrest, the reign of the current regime is not seriously challenged.

Leslie Gelb suggests that America should stop

trying to foster democracy in countries where you can’t drink the water. We can’t drink the water in Afghanistan, and Mr. Gelb advises that America should abandon ambitions of state or nation building there and concentrate instead on eliminating Al Qaeda.

Since China has good quality drinking water – probably CFR, Jim Chanos, Charlie Rose, Hugh Hendry are trying to foster democracy in China.

Or else!

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