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Pakistan – Blackmail as State Policy

March 6, 2011 1 comment

How American puppets in Middle-East have kept their people backwards ? (Image courtesy - Click for larger image.

United States is being subjected to an old-fashioned protection racket by Pakistan: pay up or things could go bad for you. Those making money out of extortion and blackmail always come back for more. It’s a measure of the US’s waning global strength that it seems to have no option other than to keep paying.US is paying for Pak protection racket | By SHAUN GREGORY |

Pakistan’s DNA

Jinnah held the entire sub-continent to ransom. After 200 conflicts in 150 years, as the British with their backs to the wall, were walking away, Jinnah became a spoiler. The hour of triumph turned into moment of tragedy. A country born out of this blackmail, has now formalized blackmail as State Policy.

Punjab govt goes after Hindu mythology cartoons

September 7, 2010 2 comments

The thin edge of the wedge. ‘Hindu’ comics worry officials in Lahore.

I am reminded of Govindacharya's reading on this situation ... (Cartoon by - Bill Day; courtesy -

I am reminded of Govindacharya's reading on this situation ... (Cartoon by - Bill Day; courtesy -

LAHORE: The Punjab government has formed a committee which will present a report on the airing of cartoons depicting Hindu mythology and if they can be banned in Pakistan.

Even though Indian TV channels are currently off-air in Pakistan, several cable operators are broadcasting Indian content to meet the demands of their clientele.

A meeting of the committee was held in Lahore, which discussed ways to get these cartoons banned in Pakistan. (via Punjab govt goes after Hindu mythology cartoons – The Express Tribune).

How deep is your love …

I can’t quite believe these guys. Are they feeling threatened by ‘Hindu’ comics? Is this how strong the idea of Pakistanis? How insecure can one get! The comments on the newspaper’s web-site (linked above) post are very interesting.

What' is the real story behind this terrorism?(Cartoon by Bill Day; courtesy - Click for larger image.

What' is the real story behind this terrorism?(Cartoon by Bill Day; courtesy - Click for larger image.

I am reminded about an interview with Govindacharya (earlier of the BJP), in exactly the same context, who claimed that well-springs of culture run deeper than commonly believed. I am beginning to wonder …

Was Govindacharya right after all!

Sadanand Dhume botches up history

US is significantly responsible for Pakistani mess

US is significantly responsible for Pakistani mess

Pakistan was carved out of the Muslim-majority areas of British India in 1947, the world’s first modern nation based solely on Islam. The country’s name means “Land of the Pure.” The capital city is Islamabad. The national flag carries the Islamic crescent and star. The cricket team wears green.

From the start, the new country was touched by the messianic zeal of pan-Islamism. The Quranic scholar Muhammad Asad—an Austrian Jew born Leopold Weiss—became an early Pakistani ambassador to the United Nations. The Egyptian Said Ramadan, son-in-law of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna, made Pakistan a second home of sorts and collaborated with Pakistan’s leading Islamist ideologue, the Jamaat-e-Islami’s Abul Ala Maududi. In 1949, Pakistan established the world’s first transnational Islamic organization, the World Muslim Congress. Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, the virulently anti-Semitic grand mufti of Jerusalem, was appointed president.

Through alternating periods of civilian and military rule, one thing about Pakistan has remained constant—the central place of Islam in national life. (via Sadanand Dhume: Why Pakistan Produces Jihadists –

Half lies

Britain midwifed a baby with birth defect, faulty DNA and missing gene sequences

Britain midwifed a baby with birth defect, faulty DNA and missing gene sequences

If Sadanand Dhume has known all these little Pakistani factoids (used by androids, rhymes with haemorrhoids) I am sure he also knows how the US has bankrolled Pakistan’s state policy. Deliberately and consciously! Earlier to checkmate India, a nation friendly with USSR-Russia. Now for geopolitical reasons.

While Sadanand Dhume brings out some interesting details about Pakistan, I wish he would not join in, with so much relish, the bandwagon of Islamic Demonization.

Pakistan is half guilty

The practice of a cynical foreign policy, by the US does not absolve the Pakistani State of its fair share of blame. But then, does it give you a licence, Shri Dhume to bludgeon Pakistan in this manner! To completely ignore US accountability?

As a ‘benign’ Superpower, which the US wishes to portray itself, such a cynical foreign policy has no place in the world. Especially, if the US is going to practice that policy against a fragile non-nation like Pakistan.

It may not be out of place to mention that all the global terror hotspots, were or are, all frontline nations, as US allies, and targets of ‘benign’ US intervention! Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq. All of them! Apart from Pakistan, that is!

Something surely is rotten in the State of US!

It wuz Britain earlier

From a peaceful neighbourhood to the most volatile

From a peaceful neighbourhood to the most volatile

I will not even go into details of how Allama Iqbal converted to the cause of Pakistan after his travels to Britain in 1906. Or how the new State of Pakistan was inveigled into the Kashmir misadventure by British Generals of the Pakistani Army – as India also was!

And as a person of Indian extract, one would expect Sadanand Dhume to know this and write about this.

And not bang his head so hard at Western altars. Much like his cohorts Krittivas and Anand Giridharidas!

Now that India is the flavour of the season, Dhume has become a part of a cabal of mercenary journalists, of Indian extract, who are using their Indian names for some rather dubious goals.

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‘We needed to make a demon of Jinnah… Let’s learn from our mistakes’

August 18, 2009 2 comments
Could Advani have made such a misstep ...!

Could Advani have made such a misstep ...!

How seriously has India misunderstood Jinnah?

I think we misunderstood because we needed to create a demon.

We needed a demon because in the 20th century, the most telling event in the entire subcontinent was the partition of the country.

Your book reveals how people like Gandhi, Rajagopalachari and Azad could understand the Jinnah or the Muslim fear of Congress majoritarianism but Nehru simply couldn’t understand. Was Nehru insensitive to this?

No, he wasn’t. Jawaharlal Nehru was a deeply sensitive man.

But why couldn’t he understand?

He was deeply influenced by Western and European socialist thought of those days. Nehru believed in a highly centralised polity. That’s what he wanted India to be. Jinnah wanted a federal polity.

Because that would give Muslims the space?

That even Gandhi understood.

You conclude that if Congress could have accepted a decentralised federal India, then a united India, as you put it, “was clearly ours to attain”. Do you see Nehru at least as responsible for partition as Jinnah?

He says it himself. He recognised it and his correspondence, for example with the late Nawab Sahab of Bhopal, his official biographer and others. His letters to the late Nawab Sahab of Bhopal are very moving.

(via ‘We needed to make a demon of Jinnah… Let’s learn from our mistakes’).

A ‘victorious’ Congress, ruling for most of the 60 years of post-colonial India, had three clear propaganda imperatives.

The Masters Glee - Confusion of Indian Independence

The Masters Glee - Confusion of Indian Independence

1 – TINA, There is no alternative

They needed to prove that it was only the Congress which could ‘take on’ and  ‘defeat’ the ‘glorious and the mighty’ British Empire on which the sun never set. The logic went, “what could India(ns) have done without the Congress”. This thinking went deeper and dirtier, when a certain Deb Kant Barooah, declared “India is Indira and Indira is India.”

Similarly, Congress decided to re-write history and take all credit for the departure of the British colonialists. Contributions of leaders like SC Bose was ignored or the importance of the February 1946 joint action by the Indian Armed Forces against the colonial forces, was minimized to the ‘Naval Ratings Mutiny.’ Leaders like VD Savarkar (the first to write a non-colonial history of the War of 1857), or Shyama Prasad Mukherjee (the founder of the Jana Sangh-BJP) was dismissed as fascism.

Fact is, that Britain was bankrupt and could not hold onto India. Fact is, that for a 150 years – from 1797-1947, many rebellions, wars, individual hits were made against the colonial British Government. The myth of non-violent Indian freedom movement, served both colonial and Congress interests. It showed the British as ‘civilized’ colonialists – and the Congress as ‘enlightened’ leadership. Just like most Western literature caricatures African-American characters as hard-working, humble, docile, placid, obedient, gentle!

2 – If you don’t have an enemy, create one!

The Congress needed to create an enemy. A demon, who they could blame, use, abuse – and Pakistan fitted the bill perfectly. A failed state (!), a hotbed of terrorism – and to top it all, an Islamic State. What more could the West-Congress combine ask for?

Easily slipping into colonial legacy of ‘divide et impera’, the Congress went onto a disastrous foreign policy trail of Hindi-Chini bhai bhai. A solid realtionship with Pakistan would have,  arguably, saved Tibet from the Chinese maws – which Nehru’s foreign policy predicated.

Basking in the glory of Western approval

Basking in the 'glory' of Western approval

3 – Craven desires

To gain Western approval, acceptance, favours, privileges et al.

Consider the English language policy of the post-colonial Congress Government. It has massively subsidized English education in India so that the children of the elite could ‘escape’ to the West. The demeaning ‘population control theory’, the English language education – all, a result of this need of the Congress Party.

The deliberate colonial distortion of Indian history continues unchecked and unhindered. You only have to read Congress Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh’s speech at Oxford, praising the Raj,  while receiving his honorary doctrate, or Chidambaram’s decision to end “abject poverty” in India that he seems to “have known for 5,000 years.”

Coming to the BJP

When Advani goes to Pakistan and praises Jinnah, it cannot be an accident, or a slip of the tongue. It had to be a deeply thought out, well considered move – one can say, after watching Advani for nearly 30 years now. The man does not go out and missteps so wrongly. The ‘Advani-Jinnah-comments-fracas’ was for media consumption – and BJP party workers. If Advani wanted to re-write history (about time too), that was one way!

And if there were any doubts, then Jaswant Singh’s book, seals the argument.

PS –

  1. Dutifully, within 48 hours, the BJP decided to ‘expel’ Jaswant Singh from the party, for his pro-Jinnah book on 19th August, 2009.
  2. Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, promptly banned the book, in Gujarat. I see good sales for Jaswant’s book – and rehabilitation of Jinnah in India, BJP willing.
  3. On 23rd August Arun Shourie, ‘tore’ into the BJP leadership on the subject of Jaswant’s Singh’s book. India Today reported that he said, “Jaswant Singh’s book is a scholarly work. It deserves to be read,”, criticising the party for pulling the Jinnah remark out of context of the entire book.
  4. One day later, on 24th August,  KS Sudarshan, the former head of RSS weighed in on Jaswant Singh’s side. It was reported that
  5. “Jinnah had many facets. If you read history then you will come to know that Jinnah was with Lok Manya Tilak and was totally dedicated to the nation. And when Gandhi started the Khilafat movement, with the idea that currently we are opposing the British and if Muslims join in then their support will help gain independence. But at that time Jinnah opposed it saying that if the Caliph in Turkey has been dethroned, what has India got to do with it. That time nobody listened to him, which saddened him. So he quit the Congress and left for England and only returned in 1927,” Sudarshan said.
  6. On August 26th, 2009, newspapers reported that in response to BJP’s Jinnah-offensive the “Cong threatens protests against attack on Nehru”. Additional reports, stated that the “Cong(ress) plans defend-Nehru movement”. Manish Tiwari, the Congress spokesman rationalized that, “approval of Jinnah could easily come from the BJP-RSS leadership because “they had no role in the freedom struggle”.
  7. On 30th August, 2009, a former general secretary and vice-president, Pyarelal Khandelwal, wrote a letter suggesting that
  8. “Jaswant Singh’s expulsion should be taken back and the matter should be discussed with him in a respectable manner to resolve the problem,” the letter states. “The case gives the impression that while acting against the senior leader some party leaders had a well-planned intent to corner him and they showed too much haste,” Khandelwal says in the letter. It would have been proper and in keeping with the party’s image if the controversial portions of the book had been seriously discussed before taking action, as was done “in the case of Arun Shourie where a lot of patience was exercised”. Khandelwal also suggests that had Jaswant Singh himself kept the party view in mind and sent in writing details of the book before its release or discussed the issue with the appropriate people in the party, this situation could have been avoided. “The discipline of the party could also have been kept intact,” Khandelwal said.
  9. On 5th September, that “though BJP has expelled Jaswant Singh from the party, its parent organisation, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), has invited his son Manvendra Singh to its national meeting in Mumbai.”

Indo Pak Sports Are Not What They Used To Be …

October 13, 2008 2 comments

‘Indo-Pak duels have lost intensity

“The Pakistan table tennis great, who at one time, during the 80s, was among the top 60 in the ITTF world ranking list, is here … concerned at the fast diminishing intensity of India-Pakistan sporting contests.
“It’s no more the same. The intensity is totally missing these days. Perhaps we are playing each other too often now. But at what cost?” he wonders.”

Not low achievement, but low standards …

This is good news. India is growing up.

In economic development, India sets the bar at the level of China. In cricket, India benchmark’s is Australia, the world champions. In ‘soft power’, the benchmark is the USA.

2 decades ago, a director of Xerox India faulted Indian industry. His view was that Indian industry should make cheap, even low quality products for export. To buttress his argument, he used the Japanese as the example. His contention was that in the 1950s and 1960s, the Japanese, exported products which were basically cheap. And look at where Japan is today, was his clinching argument. Not a bad argument, considering that the Koreans, the Asian Tigers, and now the Chinese are following that strategy.

Indians then, or now, did not agree with this approach. Critics may of course, point out that Indian exports are based on low cost platform – which is strictly not true. It is based on platforms, that competitors cannot emulate. Indian exports are also cost-effective, is a co-incidence.

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