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India will have to deal with Pak problem on its own: Pranab-India-The Times of India

December 23, 2008 1 comment

Mukherjee, who was addressing a global conference of over 122 Indian envoys, said that India will have to “deal with this problem” on its own, since international action against Pakistan has not been enough.

On Saturday, the political leadership discussed the option of precision strikes against terrorist targets on Pakistan-controlled territory. This marked the end of India’s restraint, in the face of Pakistan’s assurances made under pressure from the international community, particularly the US and UK.

There were also indications that the US might be aware of India’s readiness to strike targets across the border. (via India will have to deal with Pak problem on its own: Pranab-India-The Times of India).

Indian diplomats now need to start working – seriously.

Better late than never. At least Pranab Mukherjee understands that India is alone – and the Rest of the world cannot care for India’s problems. They have enough of their own. India has to manage this initiative alone. There cannot be another way.

Options Indian can consider.

  1. Zardari wants to export cement and sugar to India. India has a large market for both – and can easily absorb Pakistani exports. Tie these Pakistani exports to quantitative achievements in shutting down terror camps in Pakistan.
  2. Pakistan precarious financial position does not allow it the luxury of an arms race with India. Pakistan has access to Western technology for – in defence for RDX, machine guns, PACs, etc. The world must withdraw all technology from Pakistan for all arms and ammunition. No RDX, no tanks, no F-16s, no APCs. Pakistan must be put on strict diet of military technology blockade by the world. No less.
  3. Fake Indian currency notes are also allegedly coming out of technology supplied by Europeans. Close these channels. Pakistan’s suspected role in counterfeit currency operations must also be put under the scanner. Controlling Government’s of the 12 companies that dominate the currency printing business must be made to choose. Between India and Pakistan. If the German Government can arm twist their companies to suspend currency supply to Zimbabwe, there is no excuse for them to not to lean on dealings with Pakistan.
  4. Pakistani Hindus (especially Dalits) are crucial to Pakistan. Announce a scheme for Hindu immigration from Pakistan to India. The loss of this 2% of Pakistani population can make life difficult for Pakistan. Facilitate their immigration to India.
  5. Work with US, NATO, Afghan Governments to close down the Peshawar arms bazaar. This small time bazaar became the sourcing centre for terrorists all over the world. Initially, stocked up with arms from the CIA funded jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan, Peshawar, has become a problem that never ends. If required, there should be a UN mandate to send in a multinational force to surround, capture and destroy this centre for arms and armaments.
  6. Pakistan is at the crossroads of a jihadi, terrorist, criminal elements who have joined together and created an incendiary mash-up. Fueled by a drugs trade worth billions, arms trade worth millions and respectability, as they are ‘carrying out a religious jihad’.

    The leadership of these gangs has to be de-fanged. LK Advani, as the earlier Home Minister, forwarded a list of ‘Most Wanted 20′ to Pakistan nearly 7 years ago. Not one has come to India. The US has not co-operated on this one important Indian requirement.

How can India make this happen

Pakistan’s (valid) security concerns should be met with a tripartite agreement between China, India and Pakistan which will guarantee Pakistan’s current borders. No disputes, no claims from Pakistan have any legitimacy any more. Let Pakistan take care of its current territory and people. POK will remain with Pakistan – and current LOC will remain unchanged. So, Pakistan will not lose.

It has to be realpolitik. India can no longer give away benefits without quid pro quo. Make P&G, ABB, Alsthom, Renault, Unilever, Siemens, Pepsi and Coke earn their living. The Indian operations of these companies pack a mean heft. They must join in to secure the markets they wish to exploit. The US has to deliver. Peshawar markets must close down. The Pakistan defence production cannot be used against India. Pakistan has to deliver the criminal elements – dead or alive.

Indian co-operation with the West on the new world financial system will be based on co-operation by the West. India should move to create systems which allow political and social stabilization a rule – and not an exception.

These strategic elements of using Indian advantages to gain our ends is the way to forge ahead.

Indo Pak Sports Are Not What They Used To Be …

October 13, 2008 2 comments

‘Indo-Pak duels have lost intensity

“The Pakistan table tennis great, who at one time, during the 80s, was among the top 60 in the ITTF world ranking list, is here … concerned at the fast diminishing intensity of India-Pakistan sporting contests.
“It’s no more the same. The intensity is totally missing these days. Perhaps we are playing each other too often now. But at what cost?” he wonders.”

Not low achievement, but low standards …

This is good news. India is growing up.

In economic development, India sets the bar at the level of China. In cricket, India benchmark’s is Australia, the world champions. In ‘soft power’, the benchmark is the USA.

2 decades ago, a director of Xerox India faulted Indian industry. His view was that Indian industry should make cheap, even low quality products for export. To buttress his argument, he used the Japanese as the example. His contention was that in the 1950s and 1960s, the Japanese, exported products which were basically cheap. And look at where Japan is today, was his clinching argument. Not a bad argument, considering that the Koreans, the Asian Tigers, and now the Chinese are following that strategy.

Indians then, or now, did not agree with this approach. Critics may of course, point out that Indian exports are based on low cost platform – which is strictly not true. It is based on platforms, that competitors cannot emulate. Indian exports are also cost-effective, is a co-incidence.

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