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Going Jinnah’s way – DAWN.COM | Columnists |

August 29, 2009 1 comment

Had Jinnah had his way, there would be no need for the pathetic lottery of Ramazan invitations. There would be no need for the Justice Sachchar Committee, set up to investigate why Indian Muslims continue to be economically and socially backward six decades after independence from colonialism. (via DAWN.COM | Columnists | Going Jinnah’s way).

Is that what has become of Pakistan?
Is that what has become of Pakistan?

Best of all worlds

The Colonial British-Muslim League narrative asserted that India was ruled by the Muslims before the British takeover from Muslim rulers at the end of the eighteenth century”. And it was asserted by the Muslim League and the supporters of the two-nation-theory that ‘how could Muslims, the ‘ex-rulers’ now become subject’ people under a Hindu Raj.’

Jawed Naqvi, the writer at The Dawn, needs to reconcile the contradiction between their (Muslim) presumed memory of their days as rulers of all (or most) of India” and the current reality of Indian Muslims being “economically and socially backward”.

Desolate and dry desert sands

I also wonder why he makes no mention of the backwardness of people from his own country, Pakistan. Is it that Indians have a greater responsibility to ensure progress of Indian Muslims – but the Pakistanis don’t have responsibility towards the Pakistani population?

Why is Naqvi holding Indians to higher standards? After all, both India and Pakistan started their post-colonial history from the same cess-pit of British colonialism. If you stretch Naqvi’s arguments far enough, the arrows land in misplaced victimhood.

And that, Naqvibhai, is a rather sad and desolate place to be in!

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