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India’s media boom – The worm inside the apple

One assumes that media know media and propaganda better! We are wrong ... (Cartoonist -  Matt Wuerker).

One assumes that media knows media and propaganda better! We are wrong ... (Cartoonist - Matt Wuerker).

Money alone is not enough

Indian media is seen as a sunshine sector. Foreign investors have invested a few US$ billion for minority stakes in various media companies. TV viewership is exploding. Newspaper circulation, advertising is climbing. Internet media is getting sophisticated.

Therefore, one would assume that better funding would remove all existential reasons for unethical behaviour. Given this, it is  disturbing to see media companies, resort to unethical behaviour.

Are we over-reacting

As a recent report suggests,

While talking about newspapers publishing paid news, either for politicians or for corporate entities, is one thing, proving it is quite another. Many have suspected, for instance, that the “private treaties” publishers like the Times of India group have are nothing but paid news — the newspaper gets equity in your company in return for free ad space; but since the value of the newspapers’ investment goes up only when your company does well, the allegation is various newspapers tend to publish only good news about their “private treaty” companies. But how do you prove it?

It’s much the same in the case of politicians. Saying they’re all corrupt is easy. (via Sunil Jain: No one published paid news).

Slanted news … anyone?

A year ago, during a Chief Minister’s conference on terrorism, there were blatant efforts to ‘take down’ BJP Chief Ministers with unflattering photographs. We now have another example.

I wonder why Outlook, a respected magazine and Vinod Mehta, a respected editor, carried this not-so-humourous post on the CWG-Corruption scandal and the BJP President Nitin Gadkari? Was this another piece of ‘paid journalism’. This was supposed to be part of humour series where ‘even’ Manmohan Singh was targeted.

What would people do in a pig’s heaven?

I wonder why this kind of journalism reminds me of people in a pig’s heaven!

Advertiser-paid media seems to be the same everywhere (Cartoonist -  Berkeley Breathed).

Advertiser-paid media seems to be the same everywhere (Cartoonist - Berkeley Breathed). Click for larger image in another window

Breaking News – Dinosaurs Still Exist …

February 7, 2009 Leave a comment

The result will be that spurious and substandard drugs will continue to be widely sold in the market, affecting the poor the most. These drugs, which have poor brand positioning, are usually sold over the counter (sometimes even prescription drugs are so sold) by pharmacists who push them (spurious drugs) because their sale earns a hefty trade margin. State-approved drugs with less than the required efficacy, often manufactured by small-scale units, get included in state procurement programmes and form the staple of medicines distributed through the public healthcare system. No wonder that there is a widespread notion that sarkari medicines do not work and if you want medicines which will then go and buy them from private shops. (via Subir Roy: Let a hundred spurious medicines thrive – underlined text mine).

A contradiction within the same paragraph. A dinosaur who cannot differentiate between his pet peeves and propaganda – and his stereotypes.

This dinosaur alleges at the start that ‘pharmacists’ are selling spurious drugs – and at the end of the paragraph, he ends up claiming that genuine drugs can only be got at ‘private shops’!

Though he does make a good point on abdication by the Indian regulator.

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