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More gyaan, Mr.Kaplan?

April 19, 2009 2 comments

“There was no Kalinga effect on Modi,” Hanif Lakdawala, a Muslim who runs a human-rights NGO, told me. He was referring to a war fought in the third century B.C. by the Mauryan Empire under King Ashoka against the kingdom of Kalinga on the eastern coast of India. Ashoka’s forces slew 100,000 civilians. Yet the slaughter left Ashoka with so much guilt that he dedicated his life thereafter to nonviolence and the peaceful development of his empire. (via India’s New Face – The Atlantic (April 2009).

False morality, Shri Kaplan

False morality, Shri Kaplan

Kalinga Test For Indians only?

How about a Kalinga effect on George Bush? Modi looked away while some (estimated) 2000 Muslims were killed in riots.

George Bush was looking everyday at more people killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. More than 20 lakhs (2 million) at last count – and more now. How about the various US Governors who looked away as more than 2000 killed in riots at Queens, Bronx and Haarlem?

Is it that only Indians (especially Hindus) are supposed to be moral, Bhai Kaplan? King Ashoka is a lesson in history for all war mongers – and not Indians alone, Mr.Kaplan! Is it that Indians will be always be held to higher standards – while the West (and the Desert Bloc in general) can keep getting away with murder, genocide and massacres?

Kaplan has made it a habit to speak from a position of ignorance and his own perceived sense of Western superiority – a strange mix and a puzzling position. The West, with the lowest levels of ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity lectures us about minorities – after wiping out the Native Americans from North America, the ‘Moors’ from Europe, the Jews in Europe, the near extinction of Roma Gypsies in Europe, or the extinction of the Aborigines in Australia?

At least, Mr.Kaplan’s colleagues at The Atlantic are better informed.

Conor Cruise O’Brien, an Atlantic contributing editor … at one point in his article paused to make a general observation. “The viability of the secular and democratic system in India is a remarkable phenomenon, and one that has received less attention in the West than it deserves.” If this year’s celebrations and special magazine issues and new novels are anything to go by, the world is finally catching on. (ellipsis mine).

In an earlier article in NYT, Kaplan tried passing off propaganda, opinions and lies as facts – all the time posing as an objective and disinterested observer. What Robert Kaplan has done is use Narendra Modi as a human shield to attack India – secure in the belief that ‘no one will dare defend Narendra Modi’.

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