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Will BJP revive the Population Control dogma?

September 1, 2010 14 comments
Old lies have become the New Truth! Population Control, Climate Change - Frauds!

Old lies have become the New Truth! Population Control, Climate Change - Frauds!

Great successes in Population planning

The Romani Gypsies, Sinti have been a favored European target for Population Planning in the last 500 years . By the Vatican, by the Protestant Church, by monarchies and by Republican Governments. In war and and in peace. Pakistan is another great success in Population Planning for Hindus. There are hardly any Hindus left in Pakistan.

Vatican does not want to be left behind in Population Planning. There are few Protestants in Catholic France, Spain, etc. America’s undertook a mission to implement Population Planning for ‘Red’ Indians. Hardly any ‘Red’ Indians are left. Australia is is the envy of the world in Population Planning for aborigines. There are so few aborigines left. Hitler was a great believer in Population Planning. He said, “Let us start with Jews first!” Hitler, Australia, America, Vatican, Pakistan – Population Planning Champions.

Now India also wants to join this Elite Champions Club of Population Planning. In India it is called Family Planning for the Poor.

Ideological frauds of 20th century

Before the Climate Change Scam, the West had pressured the world to accept the Population Control Fraud. Under various names and disguises, this theory has been time and again been reborn. After Sanjay Gandhi and the Emergency, it had become unfashionable to talk of Family Planning anymore in India.

In the last few months, BJP has taken off from where the Congress abandoned this rather flagrant fraud. A few days ago we had Shivraj Chauhan extolling Sanjay Gandhi and Family Planning.

Speaking at a function, Chouhan said, “After the Emergency the leaders abandoned population control completely. One remembers Sanjay Gandhi in these times. The programme that he started is praise-worthy”.

He also admitted that malnutrition was a big problem in Madhya Pradesh.

It appears that efforts made to control malnutrition in the past did not meet desired success, he said.Before malnutrition is contained steps should be taken to stabilize family planning methods in the state, he added. (via MP CM lauds Sanjay Gandhi’s sterilisation drive).

Earlier, in March while

Expressing concern over rising population, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the state would observe year 2010-11 as a ‘family planning year’.

“Population stabilisation is necessary for ensuring development and therefore the issue will be included in the ‘Madhya Pradesh Banao’ campaign, Chouhan said, while awarding 22 couples under Prerna Yojana at his residence yesterday.

Yet another BJP Chief Minister, in Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa, fresh from his China visit threatened the people of Karnataka. From the floor of the Karnataka Legislature, Yeddyurappa thundered, “limit two children per couple and those who fail to adhere to this norm lose all government benefits”.

Venkaih Naidu, the past-BJP President weighed into the debate supporting Yeddyurappa and Shivraj Chauhan. Naidu said, “Population control is not a religious issue. It’s a social issue for the entire country”.

Famous last words?

I hope so!

Human beings are such a pain! We should do something about people!

Human beings are such a pain! We should do something about people!

Targetting Yeddyurappa

August 19, 2009 3 comments
At least the Times of India is targetting Yeddyryappa

At least the Times of India is targetting Yeddyurappa

Addressing a press conference after a day-long meeting of the chief ministers convened by the government, Home Minister P Chidambaram said the central government is considering establishment of regional intelligence centres (RICs) to train personnel in intelligence gathering and analysis in view of the grossly inadequate training facilities at present.

He said the states also proposed central procurement of weapons, continuation of the modernisation of police forces (MPF) scheme and a more effective instrument to expedite the road building programme in border as well as Naxal affected areas.

Noting there were 230,000 job vacancies in the constabulary when the last meeting of the CMs was held in January, Chidambaram said the situation had improved and now the number had dropped by almost two-thirds to 150,000. Efforts were also under way to recruit some 84,000 personnel, he added. (via The Tribune, Chandigarh, India – Nation).

Targetting Yedduryappa?

Targetting Yeddyurappa?

While the nation is worried

So, while the nation’s chief ministers were in conference on the terrorism issue, the media was fed with such photographs. On two consecutive days, the Times Of India carried these two photographs. These photographs are no accident.

I am sure all Chief Ministers must have had their forty winks. As anyone can imagine, in public life, sleep is a luxury.  ‘Someone’ had to instruct the photographer(s) to target Yeddyurappa – and ‘catch’ him, when he is catching his forty winks.

The media is playing games

The media, (at least some sections) are targetting the ‘new star’ in the BJP firmament. After all who would have imagined even two years ago, that BJP will single-handedly capture a Southern state. And I am sure the BJP national leaders had little role to play in the BJP win in Karnataka. These attempts to ‘take down’ a new star’ in the BJP firmament, points to media’s complicity in these political games.

Shame on you Times of India.

Rise above borders – BS Yeddyurappa

August 13, 2009 2 comments

Referring to the protests, Yeddyurappa said: “Let us live together, let us enjoy together. Both Thiruvalluvar and Sarvagna were above caste, creed and religion. We should treat all the visionaries born in any state in the country as assets of our nation. That is true patriotism. Limiting such great personalities to one state or religion and campaigning against such achievers is unbecoming of any citizen of this country.”

“Almost all works of Sarvagna have been now translated and sold in Tamil Nadu,” said Karunanidhi.

Referring to Yeddyurappa’s visit to his house in Chennai when he was ill, Karunanidhi said: “When Yeddyurappa asked if Sarvagna’s statue could be unveiled in Chennai, my reply was – `Ayya, we were ready for it a long time ago.”’

Touching on the sequence of attempts made by Tamilians in Bangalore over the last 18 years to get the statue, Karunanidhi said: “Almost everybody, including the Prime Minister and President, were approached. But, perhaps, it was just waiting for the right time and the right people to take it forward.” (via Rise above borders: CM – Bangalore – City – NEWS – The Times of India).

Thiruvalluvar Statue getting readied

This possibly was one the biggest acts of statesmanship in India in the last few decades. Here was a festering problem – the Cauvery waters issue. An intra-state problem between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, which was being milked for all it was worth by politicians from both states.

Even after two decades, this statue remained under cover due to political gamesmanship. It took a particularly sad lot of politicians to confine Thiruvalluvar to Tamil Nadu for two decades. It took one brave man, Yeddyurappa to make a new beginning.

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