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Delhi Gang Rape: Saudi Justice Needed?

December 31, 2012 9 comments

Delhi gang-rape is national shame. Police-danda is the only thing that will control Indians. Saudi-Justice needed for rapists in India. A 2ndlook.

5 CHANGES NEEDED IN OUR LAWS 1 Increase the deterrence against crimes against women. Change law to make life term plus chemical castration the punishment for violent rapes 2 Expand the definition of rape to include not just penile penetration of the vagina but also oral sex and penetration for sexual purpose of the vagina, anus, urethra or mouth 3 Introduce rape by security forces as a special category of aggravated sexual assault on the lines of the clause dealing with custodial rape 4 Enhance the maximum prison term for molestation from 2 to 5 years & sexual harassment or what’s euphemistically called ‘eve-teasing’ from 1 to 3 years 5 Remove gender inequities in the provisions relating adultery and natural guardian and enact a special law to take pre-emptive action against caste assemblies inciting “honour killings”  |  Times Of India 2012-12-30 19-45-41

5 CHANGES NEEDED IN OUR LAWS as per Times Of India 2012-12-30 19-45-41

The Delhi gang-rape has evoked some curious reactions – that can be divided in three, broad categories

Desert Grass Is Greener

On social media, thousands wrote on Twitter and Facebook that India needs Saudi justice, using amputations and beheadings .

Of all the people in this world, Indians should know about rape in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Justice and Law

Thousands of Indian-women from Hyderabad, Kerala, on a khadama visa, have been raped, abused, enslaved and then imprisoned in Saudi homes.

5 STEPS TO ENHANCE WOMEN’S SAFETY  1 Increase police patrolling. If necessary, hike number of cops in city. All VIPs with more than two security personnel should give one cop from their security to enhance police presence for the public 2 Register FIRs in all cases of rape, sexual harassment and other crimes against women. Prosecute cops found persuading women to drop such complaints 3 Home guards on buses not enough. Institute system of random checking of buses by PCR vans at night 4 Use technology: All public transport must be on GPS, install CCTVs on buses, make drivers and helpers/conductors wear non-tamperable photo IDs, create common database accessible by police and other enforcement agencies 5 All sexual offenders must be monitored by law enforcers once they have served their sentence  |  Times Of India 2012-12-30 19-42-32

5 STEPS TO ENHANCE WOMEN’S SAFETY as per Times Of India 2012-12-30 19-42-32

Ever heard of any punishment to a Saudi national for raping a Filipino or an Indian woman? Even as foreign workers, the force behind Saudi economy, are easily beheaded.

Coming to rape in Saudi society, with women confined within four walls,  rape in Saudi Arabia happens within the house.

The other question that needs asking is how well does Saudi law protect ordinary Saudi women? Any reading of Saudi law enforcement seems to imply that it is designed to protect and extend the privileges of the established elites.

If Saudi justice and executions were so effective, why are there rape incidents in Saudi-Arabia?

So, while vocal Indians on social media was asking for empty ‘Saudi’ justice, what was mainstream media promoting?

Mass Media On Mass Suicide

Mainstream media on the other side led a campaign to increase police powers, presence and prerogatives. More laws that will imprison more people to be apprehended by more policemen.

Any data to support that more police works?


But, there is data that shows countries with bigger police forces – especially in the West, have seen the opposite result.

More police will mean more police brutality  |  Cartoon by Morparia in Mumbai Mirror on December 31, 2012

More police will mean more police brutality | Cartoon by Morparia in Mumbai Mirror on December 31, 2012

In all these countries which have gone down this road of police powers, presence and prerogatives have discovered that more laws and more police create more criminals and more prisoners.

US with the world’s largest police force and the biggest prisoner population in the world also enjoys the distinction of having one of the highest rape incidents-count in the world.

Most voices followed the lines:

  1. Saudi Justice
  2. Making India into a police State
  3. All Indians must be ashamed

Did You Know

Does Indian society promote rape? Should we be ashamed?

Unlike the leering image that Bollywood portrays of Indian underworld, even Indian criminals have scant regard for rapists.

In fact, as 2ndlook posts pointed out a few years ago, rapists need to be afraid while in prison. Indian criminals and under-trials do not accept rapists worthy of any respect.

The Delhi gang-rapists have been moved to special cells as they have faced violence and threats from other prisoners. Though denied by Tihar Jail authorities, news agencies report that the gang-rape accused were made to drink their own urine and forced to eat excreta by other prisoners.

Shunned inside, rapists in Indian prisons lead a lonely and threatened life.

What Worries Me

In April 2008, the world woke up to a stunning case of incestuous rape – an Austrian, Josef Fritzl was charged with imprisoning and raping his daughter for 24 years. During this period, he fathered 7 children with his daughter.

These kind of cases, where (mostly) father’s sexual identity gets mixed up seem to occur frequently all over the world – and in India, too. These cases should be keeping our researchers busy – finding a solution to this seemingly global problem. There is little quantitative data on this – but plenty of anecdotal evidence, that incestuous rape is common.

Strangely, one area where this seems to be nearly absent is the Indo-Gangetic plain. Is this because sexual-marital are defined from a young age – by a mechanism that prohibits marriages within a sub-community and even among distant relatives is taboo. This extended prohibition, a ban on सगोत्र sagotra marriages seems like an effective solution.

Except in the modern, liberal-progress narrative, this tradition is regressive – and must be done away with. Haryana’s khap panchayats, who have been at the vanguard of keeping this tradition alive, have been persecuted, lampooned in India.

Such a price for modernity.

Voices From Cyberia

2ndkook posts on Delhi gang-rape case

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Season for oligarchies – Corporates may control vegetable trade

November 26, 2010 33 comments
Very soon, this is all we will get to eat. Some overpaid corporate executive will decide what we eat at what price! (Cartoonist- Andy Singer; cartoon Click for larger image.

Very soon, this is all we will get to eat. Some overpaid corporate executive will decide what we eat, at what price! (Cartoonist- Andy Singer; cartoon Click for larger image.

death for ordinary rythu bazars and vegetable markets, (as) the entire trade of vegetables, fruits and meat will come under the control of corporates like Metro, Heritage, Reliance or Al Kabeer once the massive terminal market complexes (TMCs) being proposed come into existence in the state.

The corporate setting up the TMCs will (INVEST) Rs 150 crore towards this business, the state government will have a 26 per cent stake (for) 50 acres to 200 acres of land. The private enterprise (PE) will own the remaining portion of the business.

The state government is constructing these massive modern whosesale markets in Hyderabad, Guntur, Vizag and Tirupati, ostensibly to help the farmers. The farmers will directly sell the produce to the TMC, thereby cutting out middlemen. Another advantage is a cleaner, modern bazar with facilities like warehousing, cold storage, ripening chambers, cleaning, grading and processing along with extension of advisory service to farmers.

However, prices will be fixed by the corporate. (with) retail prices of vegetables likely to go up for the consumer. The question is would it benefit the farmers or the company which will gain control over the entire vegetable business of the state.

Corporations will decide which pesticide, what seeds, what prices, what items we eat. Who do you think will benefit? Not me, I know! (Cartoonist - Joe Mohr; cartoon courtesy - Click for larger image.

Corporations will decide which pesticide, what seeds, what prices, what items we eat. Who do you think will benefit? Not me, I know! (Cartoonist - Joe Mohr; cartoon courtesy - Click for larger image.

The TMC will control the production and collection of vegetables from the farmers over certain radius, “While it is not mandatory for the farmer to sell his produce to the TMC, the private operator will offer him a higher price as well as induce them with loans for procurement for seeds. This in the end will make the farmer a captive seller to the TMC and for the retail consumer, the prices of vegetables, fruits and meat will become costlier,” said the sources. (read more via Corporates may control vegetable trade; parts excised for brevity).

Ignorant bureaucrats

Kasargod in Kerala is in the grip of a strange malady. Deformed children.

The Plantation Corporation of Kerala (PCK) has been cultivating cashew in 4500 hectares spread across this district. Since the early 1980s the PCK has been aerially spraying an organochlorine pesticide called endosulfan that has been banned in many countries including Singapore, Denmark, Germany, Holland and Sweden. Over the last several months, various reports in the media as well as studies done by institutions like the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi have indicated a strong link between the aerial spraying of endosulfan and the number of deaths and illnesses in the area. (read more via The Hindu : Cashews for human life?).

Cartoonist - Clay Bennet; cartoon courtesy - Click for larger image.

Corporate executives will soon dictate to us. They will buy Government's silence. (Cartoonist - Clay Bennet; cartoon courtesy - Click for larger image.

We have seen stories on how swine flu started in La Gloria, a little town in Mexico, at the one of Mexico’s biggest hog factories, owned by the world’s largest pig processor, Smithfield Foods. The world diabetes epidemic by industrial and junk food is become an old story.

And now this

AP Government wants to handover vegetable trade to highest bidder. Some 50-150 acres of land is proposed to be given these companies. These corporations will be able to raise all that money for investment just by p-ledging the land that the Government is handing over to them.

These private monopolies will have monopoly over agricultural output in their designated areas. Producers will given the choice of selling at any mandi to that monopoly buyer. All the ryuthu bazaars will close. The nearly 10,000 vegetable vendors who serve Hyderabad’s 10 lakh (1 million) households can buy from the one monopoly buyer. Another 10,000 eating houses will have the choice of one vendor.

India has indeed becoming a ‘free’ country.

The teacher from Kerala

Thursday, Oct 05, 2006; Kaumudi Teacher - She renounced her gold ornaments for the cause of the freedom struggle (being honoured at her Kannur residence)

Thursday, Oct 05, 2006; Kaumudi Teacher - She renounced her gold ornaments for the cause of the freedom struggle (being honoured at her Kannur residence)

Badagara, Malabar, 13 January 1934

… I had just finished my speech at Badagara … I had finished speaking and was selling the presents received when gently walked up to the platform Kaumudi, a girl 16 years old.

She took out one bangle and asked me if I would give my autograph. I was preparing to give it, when off came the other bangle. She had only one on each hand. I said, “You need not give me both, I shall give you the autograph for one bangle only.” She replied by taking off her golden necklace.What chance did the British have against a woman like this?

This was no easy performance. It had to be disengaged from her long plait of hair… “But have you the permission of your parents?” I asked. There was no answer. She had not yet completed her renunciation. Her hands automatically went to her ears and out came her jewelled ear-rings amid the ringing cheers of the public, whose expression of joy was no longer to be suppressed. I asked her again whether she had her parents’ consent to the sacrifice.

Before I could extract any answer from the shy girl, someone told me that her father was present at the meeting, that he was himself helping me by bidding for the addresses I was auctioning and that he was as generous as his daughter in giving to worthy causes. I reminded Kaumudi that she was not to have the ornaments replaced. She resolutely assented to the condition.

As I handed her the autograph, I could not help prefacing it with the remark, “Your renunciation is a truer ornament than the jewellery you have discarded.” (via Gandhi in his own words).

What chance did the British have after this ‘performance’ by 16 year old Kaumudi! In Kannur town, Kaumudi teacher still inspires a new generation of students. Living quietly, Kaumudi teacher is remembered, though not as well as she deserves to be – and more importantly, as much as we need to.

What chance did the British have against a woman like this?
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