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Banana Republics – A 2ndlook

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Robert Vadra called India a Banana Republic and signed off. So, who are and aren’t Banana Republics.

George Soros, the billionaire investor and philanthropist, plans to announce on Tuesday that he is giving $100 million to Human Rights Watch to expand the organization’s work globally.

It is the largest gift he has made, the largest gift by far that Human Rights Watch has ever received, and only the second gift of $100 million or more made by an individual this year …

(from Soros to Donate $100 Million to Rights Group).


George Soros’ donation to Human Rights Watch NGO is perplexing.

Who will watch over whom?

What are these human rights?

Who are these people, who will be funded by George Soros?

Who will sit on judgment on whom?

Anyway, why is George Soros so bothered!

Free speech. To carry placards, shout slogans, mutter in your drawing room!

I had no answers.

I decided to take the help of St.PT Barnum, our Resident Propaganda Slayer, who can easily unravel these kind of ‘events’.

St.PT Barnum thinks that this donation is fuelled by Soros’ concern for democracy and ‘human rights’ in Third World Banana Republics.

So, that is what we need to understand!

St.PT Barnum answers

Q: What is the difference between ‘banana’ republics and Anglo-Saxon Democracies?

St.PT Barnum ans. – None. People disappear. Anyway. They are both very good at making people disappear. US has made the maximum number of people disappear in the last 50 years.

Q: How are Anglo-Saxon Democracies better than ‘banana’ republics?

St.PT Barnum ans. – They, Anglo-Saxon Democracies (ASD), are much better organized. ASDs will give you a 500 page ‘document’ to ‘prove’ that you have to disappear. Usually, it is all in public interest, you see. Just ask Julian Assange.

In ‘banana’ republics you never ‘know’ why you have to disappear. Plus, all disappearances in ‘banana’ republics benefit only the Ruling Class. Disappearances in ‘banana’ republics are never in public interest. Unlike Anglo-Saxon Democracies.

Anglo-Saxon Democracies Bonus – Sometimes, the ‘document’ can be bigger than 500-page – and may even be entertaining.

China has one party rule, USA has two-party rule! Little to choose!

China has one party rule, USA has two-party rule! Little to choose! Click for larger image

Q: Is it true that Anglo-Saxon Democracies are more efficient than ‘banana’ republics?

St.PT Barnum ans. – Of course, it is true. Do you know of any ‘banana’ republic that has such a large bureaucracy with: –

  1. Legislatures – that create reasons why you must disappear. Reasons, also known as laws, statutes, ordinance, charters, licenses et al.
  2. Courts – that will find the exact reason(s), that will fit your ‘case’, to make you disappear. Respect for the individual and all that, you see.
  3. Police – who ‘objectively’ select people, choose ‘suspects’ for disappearances.
  4. Lawyers – who will argue about reasons why you must (not) disappear.
  5. Prisons – a convenient place where ‘you’ can disappear and a new sub-human is born.

Q: Is it true that there is much more freedom in Anglo-Saxon Democracies than in ‘banana’ republics?

St.PT Barnum ans. – Trick question. Both true and false.

True. There is complete freedom in Anglo-Saxon Democracies to make the system more ‘efficient’.

Population planning annihilated entire populations in Austraia, North America, and partly in Africa!

Population planning annihilated entire populations in Austraia, North America, and partly in Africa! Click for larger image

Increase concentration of wealth, ensure that people are kept busy in ‘pursuit of happiness’ and ensure that enough people disappear in full public view.

These ‘open’ disappearances in full ‘public’ view creates greater fear than ‘secret’ disappearances that happen in ‘banana’ republics.

False also. Anglo-Saxon Democracies have installed

  1. Millions of cameras
  2. Thousands of phone and internet tapping servers
  3. Hundreds of satellites in space to keep a watch, to ‘observe’ all those who have as yet not disappeared.
  4. Many companies which track your every move. Where, when, what, which, how, who you
  • Logged into your computer
  • Sold, bought anything
  • Read, wrote, said anything to anybody

Don’t for a moment think that the Anglo-Saxon Democracies will ‘ever’ give you respite.

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