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Indian-American Policeman Charged by FBI for depriving people of their civil rights

September 7, 2012 Leave a comment

YummRika’s 1-million police force going rampant with unprecedented powers to stop-and-search civilians, a scandal is waiting to happen.

This was something waiting to happen!

A Miami-Dade police officer routinely stopped women drivers for no reason so he could have “sexually suggestive conversations” — including asking to see the scars on a Miami Beach bartender’s surgically enhanced breasts — and then let the women go without issuing any citations, federal authorities say.

On Wednesday, FBI agents arrested officer Prabhainjana Dwivedi at Miami-Dade police headquarters.

Dwivedi, 33, charged with depriving people of their civil rights, was released on a $150,000 personal surety bond. He must return to federal court Friday to address who is going to represent him as his defense attorney. His arraignment is set for Sept. 19.

An FBI criminal complaint portrayed Dwivedi as a rogue patrol officer who detained “numerous” female drivers for “unreasonable” lengths of time “without probable cause, reasonable suspicion or other lawful authority to conduct a stop.” The complaint focuses on a handful of traffic stops between May and June of last year, including one of a female undercover officer.

via Feds arrest Florida cop, say he stopped women drivers without cause for sexual thrills | McClatchy.

With millions of Americans being groped by police each year, a few policemen had to made an 'example' of  |  Creative credits embedded in image.

With millions of Americans being groped by police each year, a few policemen had to made an ‘example’ of | Creative credits embedded in image.

Florida, The Sunshine State

Florida police was hit by two high-profile cases where Florida police has abused their position against women suspects.

In once case, a woman was strip searched after a traffic violation. In another case, a woman, not resisting arrest, was caught by her hair, and slammed into the car by the police officer.

Activists, civil rights groups are already in a flutter, as a Florida Court has upheld a lower court ruling, that police can search cell-phones, without a warrant.

Mitt’s Sowing his Oats

Within a few minutes of this latest story being published, gmartini, a McClatchy reader commented that the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney pretty much had been doing the same thing.

In another questionable display of his inner prankster, it now appears that Romney was also reportedly fascinated with police uniforms, which he sometimes put on to carry out elaborate practical jokes.

Raises two questions in mind:

1. How long before a full-scale targeting of Indians will begin in USA? Is there an increasing pace of anti-Indian prosecutions in YummRika – or am I just noticing more of these actions?

2. What happened to the policemen who groped three New York women, while searching for a male rapist?

Just asking.

India on the way to police state

September 9, 2010 16 comments

Freedom, imprisonment, racism, development, genocide

What is the difference between a ‘banana republic’ and the Anglo-Saxon democracies? None. People disappear. Anyway.

US of A, for instance, has the world’s largest prison population! Maybe, my being from a backward country, stops me from understanding this great ‘progress’ that these countries seemed to have made!

Extra Police and excess laws create criminial behaviour. (Cartoon by Nick Anderson. Courtesy - The Cartoonist Group.). Click for larger image.

Extra Police and excess laws create criminial behaviour. (Cartoon by Nick Anderson. Courtesy - The Cartoonist Group.). Click for larger image.

Some 30,000 people are now employed exclusively to listen in on phone conversations and other communications in the United States. And yet no one in Army intelligence noticed that Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan had been making a series of strange threats at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he trained. The father of the Nigerian “Christmas bomber” reported his son’s radicalism to the U.S. Embassy. But that message never made its way to the right people in this vast security apparatus. The plot was foiled only by the bomber’s own incompetence and some alert passengers. (via Zakaria: Why America Overreacted to 9/11 – Newsweek).

The sight of the West, strutting as a protector of freedom on the global stage is a hoax. How can the West have a problem with Native American tribes (aka ‘Red Indians’) and the Aborigines – if there are none left. The West which has the highest levels of prison populations in the world – raucously reminds the world of lessons in freedom.

A benign abuse of police powers! (Cartonist - Patrick Chappatte, from - NZZ am Sonntag; Courtesy- Click or larger image.

A benign abuse of police powers! (Cartonist - Patrick Chappatte, from - NZZ am Sonntag; Courtesy- Click or larger image.

India needs to end this charade

In the last 250 years, just 5 countries succeeded with Republican democracy without a significant breakdown in their first 50 years.

Of the five, Switzerland (pop. 80 lakhs), Israel (pop. 75 lakhs) and Singapore (pop. 50 lakhs) are tiny countries to generate any valuable data, models, norms or precedents.That leaves the world with just USA and India.

In any other day, age and society, the Republican-Democracy model would have been laughed off – and not studied by millions.

Indians needs is start working on a exit route of this quagmire of Desert Bloc polity.

Way out of this to Bharat-tantra.

Saffron Terror – What must Muslim response be!

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment
Many essential issues get sidetracked into the political noise! Cartoon by Shreya Navare.

Many essential issues get sidetracked into the political noise! Cartoon by Shreya Navare.

From various news reports

Home Minister, P.Chidambaram (PC) raked up a ‘storm’ by terming some bomb blasts as ‘saffron terror while addressing a national level conference of conference of DGPs on Wednesday. “There is the recently uncovered phenomenon of saffron terrorism that has been implicated in many bomb blasts” Chidambaram said.

“Terrorism cannot be attached to any religion,” Rudy said, of the BJP. Immediately, the Congress General Secretary and media department chief told reporters and the controversy has erupted because of a word.

“As far as saffron or bhagwa or kesariya (other words for saffron) it was not not an issue then. The issue was terrorism. Terrorism does not not have colour. Terrorism has only one colour and it  is black.

“Whatever colour terrorism may be associated with. whatever you call it saffron, green, white or  red can you associate it with one colour,” he asked. (more news reports linked below).

Caricature of caricatures! (Cartoon by TN Ninan; courtesy -

Caricature of caricatures! (Cartoon by TN Ninan; courtesy -

Equating religions

Why is it that I am surprised by Muslim silence on ‘Hindu’ terror! I expected Muslims to explode in anger! After all, the idea of ‘Hindu’ terror implies that just like ‘Muslim’ terror there is also ‘Hindu’ terror.

Now people are not really quite lining up to believe in Chidambaram’s theory of ‘Hindu’ terror. But, it leaves the lame concept of ‘Muslim’ terror intact and standing.

As this charade of ‘Hindu’ terror winds its way to a stale end-game, the apparent perceptual ‘validity’ of ‘Muslim’ terror will become stronger.

And that is why Muslims particularly should be concerned – and not satisfied with this ‘saffron’ terror game.

How ‘saffron terror’ will be used against the Muslims

The trick of ‘Hindu terror’ is so well-executed, its simplicity breath-taking, that one no longer knows who the villain of the piece is.

The ‘centrist’, secular democratic Kawngress who is persecuting these Hindu terrorists? Instead would you like to paint the desi-version of Christian Democrats of India (Bhajpaa) as the villain of the piece? Or the Leftist-Socialist-Communists (Vaampanthis) who are cheer-leading this ‘game’ in their skimpy ideological bikinis.

Cartoon by Sandeep Adhwaryu; courtesy -;  Jul 24, 2010 15.27 IST)

Cartoon by Sandeep Adhwaryu; courtesy -; Jul 24, 2010 15.27 IST)

It is counter-intuitive but the battle against ‘Hindu’ terror is the one that Muslims   must fight! That may about be the only way to kill this malformed idea of Islamic terror.

At least, in India.

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Police State Coming to India …?

Big Brother - Coming soon to India!

Big Brother - Coming soon to India!

Sixty years should have been sufficient to get over being a ‘subject’ of the state, and to attain citizenship. The state is sovereign vis-à-vis other states, but within the country it is the people who are sovereign. All this, however, becomes empty talk when the people have to report to the state about who they marry, when they move house and where, what jobs they do, how much they earn, where they travel, what their pattern of expenditure is, and who they live with. And to make tracking easier, there are the fingerprints and the photograph.

The NPR is not an exercise undertaken under the Census Act 1948. It is being carried out under the Citizenship Act of 1955 and the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules 2003. Why should that matter? Because there is an express provision regarding `confidentiality’ in the Census Act, which is not merely missing in the Citizenship Act and Rules but there is an express objective of making the information available to the UID Authority, for instance, which marks an important distinction between the two processes. Section 15 of the Census Act categorically makes the information that we give to the census agency “not open to inspection nor admissible in evidence.” The Census Act enables the collection of information so that the state has a profile of the population; it is expressly not to profile the individual. (via The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Implications of registering, tracking, profiling).

Gurus … and chela

The Cabinet Rank is a dubious distinction, Shri Nilekani!

The Cabinet Rank is a dubious distinction, Shri Nilekani! (Cartoon - Outlook).

The democratic West, citadels of freedom, protectors of individual rights, at the vanguard of modernization and progress have the largest number of prisoners in the world. USA, with a prison population of 2 million, is a world-leader in prison population.

What is the difference between a ‘banana republic’ where people disappear – and in the Anglo-Saxon Bloc which has the world’s largest prison population?

Maybe, my being from a backward country, stops me from understanding this great ‘progress’ that these countries seemed to have made! Large data-banks store massive DNA, finger-print, financial, geographical, employment, litigation records. The world leaders in these practices are UK and the USA.

Can India be far behind.

Asuras and Mayas

The Indian Government has initiated a similar project. The UID project, under a info-tech Czar – Nandan Nilekani. What this project will do is create ‘maya’ – an asuric’ illusion of a ‘caring State’, of an ‘efficient’ government, a ‘vision’ of an ‘effective welfare system’.

Above all it will create a logic and raison d’etre for a bloated and rampant Government. And that will be Nandan Nilekani’s job. So, while Nandan Nilekani for years, has been proposing ‘lesser government’, he will now be in the vanguard of creating a BIGGER Government.

What more! I am sure Nandan can see this. He is smart.

Small police force – Indic instinct or a matter of means

Sorry. We just noticed you've run out of toilet paper…! says Big Brother

Sorry. We just noticed you

Wishing that this will be a benign system or used for benign purposes, may be wishful thinking! India has for long been a unique society with low prison populations, low police-to-population ratios, low-to-average crime rates, high gun ownership, low death penalty rates.

Is this the beginning of the end?

What’s right with Indian bureaucracy

April 29, 2009 1 comment

The bureaucrats shift the blame on the politicians

The bureaucrats shift the blame on the politicians

Bhave resigned from the IAS in 1996, to take up what was then seen as a rather low-profile job — to create India’s first share depository, even though he had the option of going there on deputation. “The job needed full-time commitment from me and from the team I was recruiting. How would I get it, if I did not burn my boats myself?” he says. (via Lunch with BS: C B Bhave).

Colonial institutions

The RBI, the IAS and the IFS are three services which have remained colonial and have a complete choke on Indian policy framework.  There is something about their structures which is not allowing them to shed their colonialism. The Railways have changed – as have many Governement organizations like Public Sector banks, Air India-Indian Airlines, etc.

And this extract confirms the conclusions made by 2ndlook and posted 1 year ago.


On April 1st, 1934, while the ‘Squeeze India’ campaign was under execution – choreographed by Montagu Norman, Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill (some sickness … some racism) Lord Willingdon, India’s banking authority was set up.

The objective of setting up RBI – this colonial money authority, was to devise a policy structure for creating a ‘money famine’ needed by colonial British masters. From that April Fool’s day till now, RBI character has not changed. RBI resorts to creating these money famines every few years – even today. The last RBI ‘money famine’ in 1996 saw inter-corporate interest rates shoot to 40% – and a recession that lasted for 4 years.

The IAS (a successor to the colonial ICS) and the Planning Commission are the other two. The IFS has been pre-occupied with diplomatically engaging the West, fixated with Pakistan, while India’s relations in neighbourhood are at a historic low. But the English speaking, Indian bureaucracy is another matter. Having dragged India to the bottom of global corruption pervasiveness ratings, they cover their owns misdeeds, under the ‘umbrella’ of the neta. This is one colonial institution that India has tried digesting, without succes. IAS (ICS during colonial times) a venal, corrupt cadre, has tied up India into knots – which have taken us decades to even start disentangling.

Compare the successful bureaucracies

Compare that with the brilliant track record of modern Indian regulators and organizations like the SEBI, TRAI. Or even the IPS. India has the lowest prison population in the world – and also the lowest police-to-population ratio.

Till 1990-95 Indian stock trading was largely done done through the open outcry system, physical paper settlements, long settlement periods – and rampant manipulation. Indian stock trading systems was a closed club – and did not attract any serious investors.

Between, 1900-1995, SEBI, NSE, BSE and NSDL designed and managed the transition from the physical platform with the open outcry system to a complete electronic trading platform of the NSE and BSE.

BSE Logo

NSE Logo

Today, the BSE/NSE trading system is the most advanced in the world – in terms of trade volumes, transaction volumes and automation.

By 2000, India had less than 4 crore phones. Most of the 100 crore (1billion) Indians were unconnected – and disconnected from the world. Governments monopolies, BSNL and MTNL, ruled the roost. By 2000, India had less than 4 crore phones. Most of the 100 crore (1billion) Indians were unconnected – and disconnected from the world. Governments monopolies, BSNL and MTNL, ruled the roost.

By 2001, the BJP led Government came to power. The telecom regulator in a series of bold moves, changed policies – and equations. Tariffs declined by nearly 5000% – from roughly 50 cents to 1 cent per minute. User base ballooned to 20 crores – from 4 crores. In 7 years more telecom users were added than in the previous 70 years. For the first time, the poor in India are beginning to benefit from technology.

It took a non-Congress Government in 1977 to change the face of Indian Railways. Prof.Madhu Dandavate, the Railway Minister in the 1977 Janata Government started the railway renaissance in India. 3rd class railway travel was abolished. Wooden-slat seats were abolished. Cushioned 2nd class seating system was made minimum and standard. Train time tables were re-configured. Reservation systems improved. Railways started getting profitable.

Smear the neta

Smear the neta

The de-colonization of Indian Railways began effectively in 1977 – 30 years after British departure. Symbolically, that was also the year that the Rail Museum was set up. The progress after that has been remarkable. Today for a US$5, an Indian can travel for a 1000 km.

All this when only 25% of Indians travel by rail at least once a year.

Smear the neta

From colonial times, the Indian neta has been a favorite target of smear campaigns, innuendo and propaganda. Colonial administration in India worked hard to undermine the credibility of the Indian ‘neta’ – for obvious reasons. Colonial bureaucrats (and their successors, the IAS) covered their incompetence and corruption with this lopsided image of the neta. Indians politicians are possibly as corrupt as any others in the world.

Indian journos deride legal reform as ‘free-for-all crime’

January 29, 2009 Leave a comment

On December 23, 2008, the Lok Sabha gave criminality a Christmas bonanza by passing a radically amended Criminal Procedure Code Bill along with seven other Bills, all of which were passed within a mere 17 minutes without any time-wasting frivolities such as debate and discussion which, in effect, prevents law enforcement authorities from arresting someone who has committed a crime which carries a prison sentence of up to seven years.

Instead of clapping behind bars the accused in such cases which include attempt to commit culpable homicide; voluntarily causing grievous hurt; cheating; outraging a woman’s modesty; death caused by negligence; and assaulting the President the police will now have to issue a ‘notice of appearance’ to the individual concerned who will be expected to ‘cooperate’ with the investigation. (via Free-for-all crime-Subverse-Opinion-The Times of India).

Ignorant journos are the new angutha chaaps

Ignorant journos are the new angutha chaaps

Ignorant journalists like Jug Suraiya and his ilk, should not be eligible to benefit from such exemptions. These lap-top toting, ignorant journos are a new breed of ‘angutha chaaps’. What these English speaking, Westernized journos, dont know and cant care about are these inconvenient facts: –

  1. India has the lowest per capita prison population in the world.
  2. India also has the lowest police-to-population ratio in the world.
  3. India has the second highest national gun stock in the world.
  4. India has the largest number of poor in the world.
  5. Capital punishment in India is again at low levels.

Western systems of law and order predict that India should have the highest crime rate in the world – which is not true. India has low-to-average crime rate compared to the Rest of the World.

Juggy-boy – open your mind, before you open your mouth! Or is it before you open your ‘laptop’?

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