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Oz cops under scanner over porn, racist emails – Rest of World – World – The Times of India

Truth hurts, huh? This Indian cartoon got Australian goat!

Truth hurts, huh? This Indian cartoon got Australian goat!

About 100 Australian police are being investigated for circulating racist and pornographic emails via the internal police email system, and one officer involved in the scandal has committed suicide, a top official said on Thursday.

The probe in Victoria state follows an independent citizens group report last week … accusing the department of having a “culture of racism.”

Police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland acknowledged at the time that some officers were racist but said they were a small minority … the material involved a variety of offensive themes, including pornographic and sexist material … none of it was illegal but that all of it was offensive and in breach of department policy.

He would not confirm whether any of the racist material referred to Africans or Indians … the target of violence in Victoria state and have criticized police conduct in recent months. The Age newspaper reported that the investigation centered on a graphic image of a non-Caucasian man being tortured.

Overland confirmed that a police officer who committed suicide earlier this week … Tony Vangorp, 47, tendered his resignation on Friday and returned to the police station Monday night and shot himself. Overland said Vangorp had not been responsible for any racist emails. (via Oz cops under scanner over porn, racist emails – Rest of World – World – The Times of India).

Stand up and take the responsibility

It is a tragic that a low-level police officer, Tony Vangorp paid with his life – for essentially, criminal neglect and attitudes of the authorities. Tony Vangorp is possibly a modern-day version of Breaker Morant.

CNC Machines to Soviet Union

1982, Height of the US-USSR rivalry, under President Ronald Reagan. Japan was predicted to replace USA as the economic power. Toshiba, of Japan and Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk, Norway’s largest defense contractor, sold some multi-axis CNC machines to Russia – banned under COCOM rules, to which Japan was a signatory.

Details of this sale became known in 1987. Toshiba, President Sugiichiro Watari and Toshiba Chairman Shoichi Saba resigned soon after the affair became public. ”We have a big responsibility as the parent company,” the departing chairman said. ”We feel responsible for having troubled society.” reported the New York Times. Saba said, “must take personal responsibility for not creating an atmosphere throughout the Toshiba group that would make such activity unthinkable, even in an independently run subsidiary.”

Not some junior level clerk.

Shastri and Indian Railways

Lal Bahadur Shastri

Lal Bahadur Shastri

Post-colonial Railways system in India was the biggest scrap heap in India. Accidents were a regular feature – but naturally. The colonial practice was to blame the lower most employee, and tar the native workers as being lazy and slip-shod. The Brown Sahibs, continued with this practice, even after the British departed. Till, one day, one man stood up and said I am responsible. That man happened to be Lal Bahadur Shastri. From that day, the Indian Railways started improving – to become a low-cost, high safety transport system in the world.

Australian authorities have been consistently covered up the incidents, fudged and hid data, minimized the problem – and went into ritualistic denial.

To what end?

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