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Robert McNamara and the Ghosts of Vietnam

February 8, 2009 Leave a comment
Fools rush in where angels fear to tread - McNamara and LBJ

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread - LBJ and McNamara

he was so impressed by the logic of statistics that he tried to calculate how many deaths it would take to bring North Vietnam to the bargaining table … (later) he wanted to know why his reckoning had been wrong, why the huge casualties that he had helped inflict had failed to break the will of the men in Hanoi …

His ruminations about this began at the Americans’ April meeting in Washington, where he, Cooper and General Vesser agreed that casualties did not seem to weigh heavily with North Vietnam …. “Was there any consideration of the human cost in Hanoi as they made these decisions?” McNamara asked. “Is the loss of life ever a factor?” He noted that while 58,000 Americans had been killed, the most authoritative estimate — in a September 1995 article by General Uoc — put the number of Vietnamese deaths at 3.6 million. “It’s equivalent to 27 million Americans!” McNamara exclaimed.

To explain this to himself, he remembered … There were some people to whom life was not the same as to us, he reasoned as he stood one evening in the hotel lobby. (via Robert McNamara and the Ghosts of Vietnam; ellipsis and brackets mine).

McNamara’s unique contribution to the Vietnam War was ‘body count’.

He was right. Only he could have killed an equivalent of 27 million Americans – for American neo-colonial objectives.

And still talk about the value of human life. With a straight face.

The Free Press?!

The Free Press?!

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