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The Problem With Hindus

July 27, 2010 11 comments

While Mother Teresa raised millions in the name of India and its poor, the money was unaccounted and no published accounts are available for public scrutiny.

Rudeness, arrogance, disrespect

The intellectual arrogance displayed in the interview below by the Late Mother Teresa is simply breathtaking. Her rudeness and disrespect for the host society leaves me wordless. In a society where ‘many, many, many Hindu people share with’ her, she finds it beneath her, to respect her hosts.

This, may not be Mother Teresa’s problem – but it may, well be, The Hindu problem. People living in India no longer know the difference between religion and dharma. People of Bharata-ah no longer remember when religion was maya and dharma was supreme. Giving equal position, respect and consideration to religions and dharma is the India’s problem today.

Mother Teresa’s advice – We regressive, dirty-brown, idolatrous, backward Hindus can and were never be a happy lot. Unless we embrace Jesus!


Mother Teresa (Cartoon by John Spooner @

Mother Teresa (Cartoon by John Spooner @

Extracts from Mother Teresa’s interview

Q. Here in Calcutta, have you created a real change?

A. I think so. People are aware of the presence, and also many, many, many Hindu people share with us. Now we never see a person lying there in the street dying. It has created a worldwide awareness of the poor.

Q. Beyond showing the poor to the world, have you conveyed any message about how to work with the poor?

A. You must make them feel loved and wanted. They are Jesus for me. I believe in that much more than doing big things for them.

Q. Friends of yours say you are disappointed that your work has not brought more conversions in this great Hindu nation.

A. Missionaries don’t think of that. They only want to proclaim the word of God. Numbers have nothing to do with it. But the people are putting prayer into action by coming and serving the people. Everywhere people are helping. There may not be a big conversion like that, but we do not know what is happening in the soul.

Q. What do you think of Hinduism?

A. I love all religions, but I am in love with my own.

Q. And they should love Jesus too?

A. Naturally, if they want peace, if they want joy, let them find Jesus. If people become better Hindus, better Muslims, better Buddhists by our acts of love, then there is something else growing there. They come closer and closer to God. When they come closer, they have to choose. (via : Interview with MOTHER Teresa: A Pencil In the Hand Of God Of God By EDWARD W. DESMOND, Monday, Dec. 04, 1989).

From the 1954 - 2010 - Indians are the most optimistic

From the 1954 - 2010 - Indians are the most optimistic. Cartoon by RK Laxman, Times of India.

Is it my Satanic mind

But Mother, or should I say Saint Teresa now, I have one question. It must be that ‘Hindu’ Satan putting this question in my corrupt ‘Hindu’ mind, which has not embraced Jesus.

You see the Christian world has been doing something they call consumer ‘optimism’ surveys. For  few decades now, these ‘Hindu’ Indians have been a rather optimistic lot. And the West, which has embraced Jesus (at least more than these Hindus have) are much more pessimistic.

Can I have some divine guidance from you.

Your statement somehow also reminds me too much of a similar statement by the alpha-dog of the Colonial pack – Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, PC, FRS who ‘despaired’ for the ‘Hindu’ Indians , led by a half-naked fakir … and men of straw (mostly Hindus). Especially, since we Hindu-Indians are a “beastly people with a beastly religion

Being a Saint, the Mother must be right. She rightly loves her religion more. She also prescribes that we backward Hindus should also love her Catholic-Christian religion more.

Unless the Indic mind changes – and changes fast, Mother Teresa’s wish may come to pass.


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