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Delhi Gang Rape: Saudi Justice Needed?

December 31, 2012 9 comments

Delhi gang-rape is national shame. Police-danda is the only thing that will control Indians. Saudi-Justice needed for rapists in India. A 2ndlook.

5 CHANGES NEEDED IN OUR LAWS 1 Increase the deterrence against crimes against women. Change law to make life term plus chemical castration the punishment for violent rapes 2 Expand the definition of rape to include not just penile penetration of the vagina but also oral sex and penetration for sexual purpose of the vagina, anus, urethra or mouth 3 Introduce rape by security forces as a special category of aggravated sexual assault on the lines of the clause dealing with custodial rape 4 Enhance the maximum prison term for molestation from 2 to 5 years & sexual harassment or what’s euphemistically called ‘eve-teasing’ from 1 to 3 years 5 Remove gender inequities in the provisions relating adultery and natural guardian and enact a special law to take pre-emptive action against caste assemblies inciting “honour killings”  |  Times Of India 2012-12-30 19-45-41

5 CHANGES NEEDED IN OUR LAWS as per Times Of India 2012-12-30 19-45-41

The Delhi gang-rape has evoked some curious reactions – that can be divided in three, broad categories

Desert Grass Is Greener

On social media, thousands wrote on Twitter and Facebook that India needs Saudi justice, using amputations and beheadings .

Of all the people in this world, Indians should know about rape in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Justice and Law

Thousands of Indian-women from Hyderabad, Kerala, on a khadama visa, have been raped, abused, enslaved and then imprisoned in Saudi homes.

5 STEPS TO ENHANCE WOMEN’S SAFETY  1 Increase police patrolling. If necessary, hike number of cops in city. All VIPs with more than two security personnel should give one cop from their security to enhance police presence for the public 2 Register FIRs in all cases of rape, sexual harassment and other crimes against women. Prosecute cops found persuading women to drop such complaints 3 Home guards on buses not enough. Institute system of random checking of buses by PCR vans at night 4 Use technology: All public transport must be on GPS, install CCTVs on buses, make drivers and helpers/conductors wear non-tamperable photo IDs, create common database accessible by police and other enforcement agencies 5 All sexual offenders must be monitored by law enforcers once they have served their sentence  |  Times Of India 2012-12-30 19-42-32

5 STEPS TO ENHANCE WOMEN’S SAFETY as per Times Of India 2012-12-30 19-42-32

Ever heard of any punishment to a Saudi national for raping a Filipino or an Indian woman? Even as foreign workers, the force behind Saudi economy, are easily beheaded.

Coming to rape in Saudi society, with women confined within four walls,  rape in Saudi Arabia happens within the house.

The other question that needs asking is how well does Saudi law protect ordinary Saudi women? Any reading of Saudi law enforcement seems to imply that it is designed to protect and extend the privileges of the established elites.

If Saudi justice and executions were so effective, why are there rape incidents in Saudi-Arabia?

So, while vocal Indians on social media was asking for empty ‘Saudi’ justice, what was mainstream media promoting?

Mass Media On Mass Suicide

Mainstream media on the other side led a campaign to increase police powers, presence and prerogatives. More laws that will imprison more people to be apprehended by more policemen.

Any data to support that more police works?


But, there is data that shows countries with bigger police forces – especially in the West, have seen the opposite result.

More police will mean more police brutality  |  Cartoon by Morparia in Mumbai Mirror on December 31, 2012

More police will mean more police brutality | Cartoon by Morparia in Mumbai Mirror on December 31, 2012

In all these countries which have gone down this road of police powers, presence and prerogatives have discovered that more laws and more police create more criminals and more prisoners.

US with the world’s largest police force and the biggest prisoner population in the world also enjoys the distinction of having one of the highest rape incidents-count in the world.

Most voices followed the lines:

  1. Saudi Justice
  2. Making India into a police State
  3. All Indians must be ashamed

Did You Know

Does Indian society promote rape? Should we be ashamed?

Unlike the leering image that Bollywood portrays of Indian underworld, even Indian criminals have scant regard for rapists.

In fact, as 2ndlook posts pointed out a few years ago, rapists need to be afraid while in prison. Indian criminals and under-trials do not accept rapists worthy of any respect.

The Delhi gang-rapists have been moved to special cells as they have faced violence and threats from other prisoners. Though denied by Tihar Jail authorities, news agencies report that the gang-rape accused were made to drink their own urine and forced to eat excreta by other prisoners.

Shunned inside, rapists in Indian prisons lead a lonely and threatened life.

What Worries Me

In April 2008, the world woke up to a stunning case of incestuous rape – an Austrian, Josef Fritzl was charged with imprisoning and raping his daughter for 24 years. During this period, he fathered 7 children with his daughter.

These kind of cases, where (mostly) father’s sexual identity gets mixed up seem to occur frequently all over the world – and in India, too. These cases should be keeping our researchers busy – finding a solution to this seemingly global problem. There is little quantitative data on this – but plenty of anecdotal evidence, that incestuous rape is common.

Strangely, one area where this seems to be nearly absent is the Indo-Gangetic plain. Is this because sexual-marital are defined from a young age – by a mechanism that prohibits marriages within a sub-community and even among distant relatives is taboo. This extended prohibition, a ban on सगोत्र sagotra marriages seems like an effective solution.

Except in the modern, liberal-progress narrative, this tradition is regressive – and must be done away with. Haryana’s khap panchayats, who have been at the vanguard of keeping this tradition alive, have been persecuted, lampooned in India.

Such a price for modernity.

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