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How come Indians are not wanting skyscrapers?

May 21, 2010 6 comments
Mayawati's monuments may end up with as a losing propositon

Mayawati's monuments may become a losing propositon (Copyright and courtesy - Times of India, Ajit Ninan).

If skyscrapers were an index of success, wealth and power, then a trend is certainly visible. The balance of power is shifting to the East. Seven of the top 10 tallest buildings are in Asia—four in China, two in Malaysia, one in Taiwan. Just two are in the US, one of which is a 1974 building.

But it does not look as if India or Indians are unduly worried about failing on another parameter of global ranking. The lack of interest or even public debate on getting India on the tall building map could mean several things. One, we are not at the stage of economic growth where having the tallest building becomes something to think about. Two, there is no massive speculative real estate bubble in the country and cheap money is certainly not an issue. Three, the argumentative Indian does not need the prop of an icon of American culture to define India’s identity or its place in the world. Or it could just be that we are so sure that a fire in the tallest building will end in disaster with the fire engines that can reach all of 10 storeys stuck in a traffic jam caused by a broken-down cycle on the main road. Nope, we don’t even want to go that way. (via Reaching for the sky: How tall is my country – Columns –

Nice observation

The rich and the powerful want their 'infrastructure'! And that is 'progress' ... (Copyright and courtesy - Times of India, TN Ninan).

The rich and the powerful want their 'infrastructure'! And that is 'progress' ... (Copyright and courtesy - Times of India, Ajit Ninan).

When Vilasrao Deshmukh announced that he wanted Mumbai to be the next Shanghai, Indians hooted with laughter. He was never taken seriously after that. Nehru declared his disconnect with India after Tryst With Destiny speech – and his temples of modern India. Is it surprising that the most respected post-Independence leader is Sardar Patel.

While most of English speaking India moans about infrastructure, that the rich need, there is complete silence about what the poor in this country need. India’s poor don’t need monuments. And our rich and powerful are blind to this.

The poor are such a bother!

Monika Halan, (post linked and extracted above) finally cannot resist taking a swipe at the poor! The article ends in a scenario of a burning high rise, in which the rich residents are trapped, and the fire engines to save the rich, are thwarted because a poor man’s bicycle has disrupted the traffic!!

We must banish the poor! Off with their heads!!

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