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The future of news – Indians as the largest consumers /producers of news?

August 30, 2009 1 comment

A take-off on the reality show - Sach Kaa Saamna

A take-off on the reality show - Sach Kaa Saamna

Indians are a news-crazy lot. By all reckoning we have the largest number of news channels and are the second-largest newspaper market in the world. If you add up the average across newspapers, news on TV and news online, in 2008, Indians spent an average of 50 minutes a day consuming news.

During the same period, advertisers spent Rs 12,000-odd crore to reach news audiences in those 50 minutes, according to data put together by Starcom MediaVest, a media buying agency. Add in subscription revenues and news is a roughly Rs 16,000 crore market. That makes it the second-largest media business in India after entertainment — in audience share, topline and (arguably) investor-interest too. (via Vanita Kohli-Khandekar: The future of news).

Interesting bit of analysis. This should make Indian media hopefully less of a Western clone! India as a softpower? The dark cloud on the horizon – the over-important position of English language!

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