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Indian to head Amnesty

December 23, 2009 3 comments

In sector after sector, Indians with links to the West have proved their worth and merit. By promoting Western agenda to Indians.

Bought, packed, sold, repacked, promoted ... and consumed

Rewards, recognition and respect followed Western funding and promotion

Salil Shetty (48), Director of the Millennium Development Goals Campaign, is set to become the Secretary-General of Amnesty International. Salil Shetty will be the first Indian to head the international secular non-government organisation.

An alumnus of St Joseph’s Indian High School and St Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore, Shetty was President of the College Student Union in 1979. He did his Masters in Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad and went on to earn a distinction in a Masters of Science in Social Policy and Planning from the London School of Economics.

He joined the United Nations in October 2003 as Director of the Millennium Campaign … Before joining the UN, Shetty was Chief Executive of ActionAid. (via B’lorean to head Amnesty).

Citius, altius, fortius

Amartya Sen wins the Nobel prize. For research on the Great Bengal Famine.

And what ‘research’ does he do?

He papers over the entire British policy in Bengal  during WWII – which resulted in the Great Bengal Famine.

The Congress in India, the UMNO in Malaysia and the Kenya African National Union, better known as KANU, have ignored and overlooked colonial genocides. It took a Catherine Elkins to partly unmask the killings during the Mau Mau uprising. The massacres of tens of lakhs of Indians in 1857 Indo-British War has been estimated by Amaresh Mishra’s book. The killings in Malaysia have remained un-investigated and  unexposed.

According to the official figures, Mau Mau killed fewer than 100 whites and about 1,800 Kikuyu loyalists while some 11,000 Kikuyu were killed in return. Both Elkins and David Anderson regard these figures with derision — Anderson points out that the mass hanging of 1,090 Mau Mau had no parallel anywhere in Malaya, Indochina or even Algeria, while Elkins suggests that the real number of deaths may have run into hundreds of thousands. (From The Sunday Times, January 9, 2005, Britain’s Gulag by Caroline Elkins; Histories of The Hanged by David Anderson, REVIEWED BY R W JOHNSON).

Rajinder Pachauri, head of the IPCC, which won the Nobel Prize, now similarly promotes the ‘interests’ and the agenda of the climate change lobby. Plausibly promoting, protecting the climate change agenda, to the exclusion of Indian interests.

Arundhati Roy’s became a ‘force’ to reckon with – after getting the a large advance (media reports change from 500,000 to, 1 million) and winning the Booker Prize. No prize, for guessing which country gives out the prize. Her promotion of the ‘liberal-progressive’ agenda – for instance, her Kashmir ideas keep the debate in India from becoming rational or useful to India.

Should we ‘desi’ Indians give these ‘glitterati’ so much respect, press coverage and importance?

The most elite of Indians

Today, Amartya Sen returns the ‘favour’ of the Nobel Prize  by promoting Western agenda and ideas. In the climate control debate, he proposes that India should even welcome international, inspection, audit, intervention and dictation.

Rajinder Pachauri defends the fraud of climate change. To cover up the climate change fraud, he indulges in mudslinging against the East Anglia hackers.

Arundhati Roy thinks that consigning another 2 crore (twenty million) Kashmiris into the Pakistani hell is OK – based on terrorist activities of some 2000 jihadis.

I am very happy for Salil Shetty, except for one thing. The question that springs to my ‘provincialmind‘ (aka मोटी, देसी और मंद बुद्धि) is …

Is Salil Shetty joining this ‘elite’ club?

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