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Indo-Russian Jigsaw

Russia commemorates 65th anniversary of WWII victory.

Russia commemorates 65th anniversary of WWII victory.

Finally, a post scriptuum, directly related to Russian-Indian relations. The question is how to restore the trust in relations … which was characteristic during the Soviet period. No small part in restoring the “Soviet” spirit was played by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during his recent whirlwind visit to Delhi. This positive inertia could also be developed in Moscow, bearing in mind our particular sensitivity to the memory of the War and the Victory.

I might add that the format for receiving foreign leaders on the 65th anniversary — without an invitation, by desire — was in the best Byzantine traditions: whoever respects Russia comes. Our allies in the anti-Hitler coalition don’t count since their authorised representatives marched on May 9 across Red Square.

… German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese President Hu Jintao … contrived to turn their trip to Moscow into a variety of working visit. In the context of our “strategic partnership”, Hu Jintao conducted official talks in the Kremlin. Given this, the absence of Indian leaders was striking and not just to me. One has to admit: on May 9 Beijing outplayed Delhi. (via A time to gather stones – Russia & India Report).

Indo-Russian diplomacy

The Russia-India Report is an interesting opinion-making exercise. Indian opinion, which is dominated by Anglo-Saxon, Western ideas and language usually ignores other constructs – including Indian concepts.

This report describes a very non-Western manner in which Russia celebrated the 65th anniversary of WW2 victory. Very dissimilar to modern Western ideas on diplomacy. In a Byzantine manner.

The Byzantine traditions were of course heavily influenced by India. The name Byzantium itself was possibly derived from Vaijayanti – also the ancient capital of Satavahana Empire,  now in Goa.

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