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Tips & Tricks: No-gyan Dhume Baba Trips Again!

While busy teaching @PankajPachauri No-gyan @dhume01 missed a vital point. US govt. made more requests to Twitter than all other govts in the world put together.

  1. dhume01
    [Not for govt. to decide how they’re implemented.] MT @PankajPachauri: Some people seem to have missed the point- Twitter has its own rules.
    Sat, Aug 25 2012 09:31:36

Your gyan, you keep

The US Government made more requests to Twitter to reveal confidential information,  than all other Governments in the world put together. So …

If our Indian Government wants to foolishly follow the Yumm-Rikan example, we will take care of it. Our Government! Our problem. Our solution. Don’t need no silly mindless, hectoring from you.

No-Gyan Dhume Baba, don’t need no gyan from you Yumm-Rikans!

You take your gyan and … I could suggest a few things, you may not like.

But I will limit it to one simple, suggestion. Give your gyan to your YummRikan Government.

Land of the Free, Home Of The Brave

Remember Bradley Manning. Dare I remind you of the another marine Brandon Raub. Probably you don’t have the courage to advise your Government after Obama has signed the NDAA Bill. So, no bail, only jail, if Daddy does not like you.

No-Gyan Dhume Baba …

You got problems at home. Save your ideas and lectures where it is needed most.

In YummRika

Where more than 2 crore people (20 million) are either in prison, on parole, probation or facing prosecution. More people being prosecuted by the YummRikan State than the Rest of The World put together.

You want to feed stories about coolie-BPOs, code-coolies, snakes, snake-charmers, elephants, millions of gods, go ahead. Give your countrymen the trash they expect (most of the time) from their media.

Not here in India.

  1. August 25, 2012 at 10:51 pm

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